Choosing the perfect bottle of wine can be hard, especially if you aren’t much of a connoisseur. I’m no expert myself, but I do know a good bottle of wine when I drink one. Here are eight wines I love and what occasions they might be great for.


1. Infinite Monkey Theorem Malbec ~ Otherwise known to me as “Impotent Monkey“. This wine is not cheap but it is amazing! Perfect to impress the boss, some wine aficionado friends or for a special anniversary. This Colorado wine is not only one of my favorites, it’s also an art piece in the wine area of our basement bar. The glass “cork” is ingenius and you can never go wrong picking this malbec, or any of the varieties they offer.

2. Charles Krug Chardonnay ~ I was surprised that my husband picked out this wine for me, especially since he’s a microbrew type and I doubt has had more than a sip of wine. Roughly $20 a bottle and perfectly smooth. Serve chilled to friends and family or save for a night when you have a date with your reality TV. (I enjoy this wine with a little Real Housewives of Wherever myself. 😉 )

3. Boom Boom Syrah ~ Another find by my husband, any of the Charles Smith wines are great. This one is perfect for parties, chilly falls nights or a romantic dinner with your significant other.

4. Cline Cashmere ~ This syrah blend was described to me as tasting like a fine chocolate cake. While I can’t deny how smooth it is, I’m not sure cake is what it tastes like but it does taste amazing with just about any sweets you can think to pair it with. Cline Cellars also donates part of the profits of this wine to Breast Cancer research. Bonus!

5. Oyster Bay Chardonnay ~ Chards are definitely my favorite of all the various types of wine and Oyster Bay delivers a bright, crisp, summery tasting wine. Great for evenings with friends, this wine is one you will want to share with everyone.

6. Little Penguin Cab/Merlot Blend ~ This wine screams “girls night!” Ultra smooth, easy to drink and comes in giant bottles. I can find this wine by me as cheap as $9 for a 1.5 liter, yet it tastes just as good, if not better, than many $20 varieties. I always have this on hand for casual enjoying.

7. Concha y Toro Casillero del Diablo Merlot ~ One of the best Chilean Merlots out there! This wine is great wether it’s enjoyed with dinner or mixed up in a great sangria recipe. Perfect year round. The 2007 is my personal favorite if you can find it. 😉

8. Natura Organic Chardonnay by Emiliana Wines ~ I told you Chards were my favorite! This one is not only amazing, it’s also organic! I do tend to prefer unoaked chardonnays but this one is bright and delicious with just a hint of an oaky flavor.



disclosure: Please drink responsibly (as in, invite me over for a glass).This is not a sponsored post. If any of these wineries want to thank me in bottles of wine, by all means, I’ll send you my address. 😉



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