Hallelujah! Can you hear that?! *****crickets***** That’s the sound of my house being quiet! No fighting! No arguing! No shouting! WOOT!  That sound is brought to you by the letters B, T and S as in the boys are Back to School!

Okay, I’ll try to calm down a bit so I can share with you what I really want to talk about. Organizing for school papers, records and all that jazz. Hang on, one more “woohoo” is needed.  WOOHOO! Okay, not that’s out of my system…

If you are like me, you live on your computer. I kinda get annoyed when I have papers that come in the mail or home with the kids. I feel like everything should be online and streamlined. I just recently signed up with AboutOne and they are teaching me how to get organized! The site lets you input all of your home, kid, school, medical files online in a safe and secure site! It’s like a digital filing system and more! Now you can just log in, see that your kids are up to date on the shot records or that you need to have the AC serviced and there are no annoying papers laying around. The bar in our kitchen has turned into a catchall of papers, toys, random things, even a hamster cage! With AboutOne I can learn how to declutter most of that, well, except the Hamsters. 😉

Now, here’s the best part. AboutOne.com is hosting a giveaway! You can win a $500 AMEX card for you and $250 to be donated to the school of your choice!

Mandatory contest entry: sign up for AboutOne free trial (absolutely no credit card info required), then Fill out the form below after you’ve signed up! Easy as that!

Rules: One winner will be chosen at random from all entries across all blogs to receive the following prize: $500 AMEX gift card and an upgrade to a free subscription to AboutOne.com to 1 grand prize winner + a $250 donation to the school of their choice.  All other entries will receive an email with a code for 25% off a one year subscription to AboutOne.com.  This giveaway ends September 9th at 11:59 p.m. ET and is open to U.S. residents age 18 or older.

Free trial info: The 17 day Free Passport gives you 17 full days of usage with no expiration date (requires no credit card information). Use each of your 17 days whenever you like. Our Yearly Plan gives you a full year of access to AboutOne for the low price of $30 per year.

Watch this great video to learn how you can use AboutOne to declutter your life!

disclosure: I compensated by the Global Influence Network for my participation in this program. The thoughts and opinions are mine and honest.



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