Yup, you read that right. Y’all thought I was joking when I said I’d turn the stow-n-go into wine cellar didn’t you?

stow-n-go wine cellar

Check it out! We only had 2 bottles of wine and a few Guinness in there but I could have filled that baby up! With this small amount of adult beverages, they would have rolled around in there a fair amount, so we packed up the rest of the sow-n-go area with the kids backpacks and such. In fact, we were able to utilize the stow-n-go areas with all of our junk luggage so the seating area was completely open and the kids had tons of room (i.e. less likely to annoy each other).

I had a picture of all our luggage stored up, but then my iPhone went swimming in the toilet (don’t ask) so I lost the majority of my pictures. *sniff* (side note: the Apple store loves me. We also had an iPod touch bite the concrete on this trip.)

We drove up to Silverthorne for the night and the next morning headed to Glenwood Springs. It’s our annual “Kids are about to start school so let’s do one last road trip.” Three years in a row we’ve chosen Glenwood Springs. They have this amazing Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park that I write about every year, so instead of boring you with all those details, just read this. They’ve added a TON of attractions in the last 2 years. You can read about those here.

Okay, so now that you are up to speed on our shenanigans, here is what happened when we tried to navigate our way through the mountains… The navigation system.

chrysler town and country navigation system


We knew how to get everywhere already, but I wanted to play with the navigation system. When you are in motion, the nav system locks out some features to make driving safer. Love this! But then you can use the voice activation navigation (insert some technical term for it here) and that’s where things get funny.

I would say “Destination Entry,” “Street Address,” then say the name of a town or street. “Frisco” I said, in a normal voice. “Do you mean Cisco, Cisern, Minturn?”

“No, Frisco” said a little clearer and louder.

“Now routing you to Minturn”

Crap. We already passed Minturn, I know where that is… by Vail. Try again…

“Destination Entry,” “Street Address,” then say the name of a town or street. “street name,” “Main Street”

“Do you mean Maine, Mayan Temples, Malaysia?” (not actual results but damn close)


“Main Street?” YES!!!!!!!


“No? okay, here is the home screen again” (not actually said, but it cancelled the routing and I started over)

“Destination Entry” “Street Address” “Woman, listen to me this time! I’m driving 65 mph in the mountains and don’t have time for your tomfoolery!”

“hahaha I’m just going to route you to Malaysia, deal with it.” (actually she finally routed me to Frisco, only after we were stopped at the light at the Frisco exit, which we found on our own, ’cause you can’t miss it on I-70.)

So moral of the story is, when you have a husband talking to you, a DVD playing and a toddler in the back seat yelling “MAMA?!” over and over? Pull over and type the address in because you will confuse the poor navigation woman. When the kids were out of the car and it was just me? She finally listened and routed me perfectly using the voice navigation.

Now that I have you up to speed… Here are some pictures from our trip. πŸ™‚

Road trip to Glenwood Springs, Frisco & Silverthorne Colorado


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disclosure: I was loaned a Chrysler Town & Country for 1 week, in return for my honest review. No monetary compensation was made. Navigation lady was unharmed despite my many threats to her driving through the mountains. She eventually listened to me.Β 



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