My son Brady (nickname is Chewy) has Dyspraxia. Also known as clumsy child syndrome. He has issues with feeding, speech, motor planning, etc. He is delayed about a year in all areas. He doesn’t speak words and only has a handful of signs. This is his speech Apraxia. A good friend of mine (and long time member/contributor to ColoradoMoms) son has the same issues as Chewy. She is the coordinator for the Walk for Apraxia in Denver. You can click this link to join the team to support Chewy or make a donation. We hope you all will join us in supporting this very worthy cause.
Walk for Apraxia


ARVADA, CO 80003

Onsite Check in and Registration starts at 9:00 AM;
Walk begins at 10:00 AM


From the Walk Coordinator:
“Hunter is like any 4 year old boy who enjoys playing with trucks, cars and his twin brother, Ethan, and wants to be a cowboy when he grows up. I felt so blessed, in the beginning, by such a quiet baby. However, as the twins grew I began to see such differences in them. By 18 months, when Ethan had been babbling for awhile and was starting to say other things, I began to be concerned about Hunter’s quietness. Not wanting to worry too much or compare him to his brother, I brushed it aside thinking he will talk when he is ready.

By the time Hunter was age 2 1/2, I knew there was something wrong, especially after reading an article in Parents Magazine about speech disorders and apraxia. Hunter was diagnosed with apraxia of speech shortly before his 3rd birthday. He was only saying 5-10 words understandably. Through private therapy and school therapy Hunter’s speech has grown amazingly. He still struggles with getting others to understand him and it’s heartbreaking at times when he can’t say what he wants and looks to me for help. However, we are celebrating because recently he learned to say his name and we are so excited for him to now be able to tell his friends.

Throughout this whole journey, our family has turned to CASANA’s for information on apraxia and the knowledge that we are not alone. That is why we join CASANA in the Walk for Apraxia. We hope to raise funds for research and training. Please join us on September 11th by walking or donating, while we have a good time raising money for a great cause.

Join us at the Lake Arbor Park for a walk around the beautiful lake. Kids can participate in a Stick Horse Ride around the lake, so don’t forget your horse. Don’t worry though because if you don’t have one, we will have extras. There will also be activities, treats and raffles..” ~Hunter’s mom, Leia

The proceeds for this Walk will benefit CASANA research projects, education projects and informative conferences.

Register to walk by August 20, 2010 to receive your Apraxia Walk T-Shirt!

For more information please contact:
Leia Wing
phone: (303)549-0077



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