It’s Friday, so it’s time to post my favorite things from this week!

1. SodaStream! Check out my review on our SodaStream. We are obsessed with it!

2. I’m starting a knit-a-long of this great Sheldon pattern! I’m naming him HotRod just like our tortoise. I ordered some great colors for him and hoping to start knitting him soon!

3. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Seriously the only way I can even go pee for 2 minutes without Chewy trying to color all over my laptop.

4. Life’s Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets by Lisa Quinn. This book is a MUST READ for any mom, stay at home, working mom, work from home mom, you name it. Such great advise and she’s wicked funny!

5. Lego Clutch Powers DVD. This movie got my 6 and 11 yr olds to turn OFF the video games and build things with legos, and not the pre-planned out sets, like actually think and build stuff with no instructions! When they get home tonight I will take a picture of their creations. They are future engineers for sure!

6. Tequila. Specifically Sauza tequila. I’m doing a houseparty party with them tonight. As per usual, when people mapquest my house they bail because I live in the boonies, but the core group of ladies coming are a blast! I hope they are ready to get their drink on!

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Fueled by coffee and wine. Wife to a doc, mom to three boys (one with Autism), a puppy and a tortoise. I knit, I get crafty, I tweet.
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