Driving a Sweet Ride… Town & Country FTW!

A couple days ago I got to pick up the keys, well, key, well, it sorta looks like a key but doesn’t have that pesky metal thing babies chew on that you really wish they wouldn’t ’cause it’s dirty and gross and lives in the bottom of your purse that you can also use to stab a perp if they try to carjack you. Wait, what was I talking about?

Ah yes. I picked up the “key like thingy” (technical term) from Pro Chrysler in Westminster for a Champagne colored, 2012, souped up, Town & Country. That baby is like the Cadillac of minivans. Wait, no. That’s not right. It’s the Chrysler of all minivans. Still not right, whatever, it’s pretty. There. (note to self, no more wine before posting).

So I signed away my first born, or tried to, and got to take the van out for a spin. It was a little shakey at first, since I’m used to a big honkin SUV. The Town & Country is big, but handles more like a car than my Truck-like SUV. After a while, though, I learned how touchy the brakes were and how the power steering felt and most importantly, how awesome I looked in it. ;)

My first task in the new van was to buy Carter’s birthday presents, only, he would be home when I got back.

Stow-n-Go for the win! 

Check it. I got a kabillion (10) presents and wrapping paper all stored in there. Carter later wanted to see the new van and sat RIGHT ABOVE HIS PRESENTS without knowing it. If Santa ever needs to hide things… THIS is what he needs.

So now we are off to the Mountains for a road-trip! I’ll be tweeting (@ColoradoMom) and instagraming (ColoradoMom) along the way if you want to see how a family of 5 (including a teenager, an 8 yr old who wants to bring our whole house and an autistic kid) can ride without wanting to kill each other for 300+ miles. I might have to “forget” one of the boys in Vail on the way up.

Oh, and that awesome stow-n-go? Totally going to be my wine cellar for the trip. ;)

Happy Travels!

For more info on the Town & Country and all the Chrysler Vehicles check them out on facebook, twitter and online!



disclosure: I was loaned a Chrysler Town & Country for 1 week, in return for my honest review. No monetary compensation was made.


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    That underfoot storage space is pretty rad! I think I’d use it to keep a backup of things like diapers, wipes, a couple water bottles, a box of crackers… you know, those little necessities we tend to forget and then really need.

    I can’t wait to see the outside!!

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