Exploding Tires, Karma and Sting

On Wednesday night, I was driving my son to his karate class as usual. I had my 9 and 2 year olds in the car. My daughter had decided to stay home with our neighbor, who is kind of like her spare grandma. I’m so glad she did! About half way there, on a busy highway, in heavy rush hour traffic my Jeep started to shake. I had gone in for an oil change earlier in the day and they told me I had 2 minor leaks that needed to be fixed, so I was thinking they forgot to put something back and was slightly annoyed. Then I heard a bang and shot toward the median.

I thought a motorcycle had hit us. I saw debris fly up past the front of my car, but couldn’t see what had hit us. We fishtailed violently for a few seconds, until I regained control and was able to safely pull off on the side of the highway. I’m amazed that in the solid traffic we were in we didn’t hit anything else and we didn’t roll. We got lucky. I didn’t pee myself, My oldest freaked a bit but went back to playing his DS, and the toddler slept through it all.I braced myself for the worst, got out of the car and the drivers side looked fine! I walked around the back, nothing. But when I reached the passenger side, my front door was dented, the lining to my wheel well was dangling by one corner and my tire was still inflated but the tread was completely torn off. My tread had separated.

My first thought was “call Hubby for help!” He came, we got the car and kids safely off the highway and got the donut on. (Really?? I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee. It’s older but it’s the fancy schmancy model. My hubby drives an even older Cherokee sport model. HE has a full size spare. I have a donut?? REALLY?) Then we called our mechanic, who is also a friend of the family, and dropped off the car to get assessed for any other damage and to get new tires.

Thursday morning our mechanic’s wife, Debbie, called. “Hey, Kate! I just wanted to let you know, the car is fine. No other damage. Bryan will get the tires on and drop it off tonight. Oh, and by the way…I have a pair of tickets to see Sting at Red Rocks tonight that I can’t use. Would you and Mark like them?” Um. Yeah. YEAH!!!!

First off, let me say Red Rocks is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. I had been to one other concert there (last fall, Jason Mraz…awesome!!) After seeing a concert at Red Rocks, every other venue will pale in comparison. There was a tornado warning issued for the entire front range just before we left. The rain almost entirely missed us. There was a slight drizzle when we first arrived that we waited out with an umbrella. Then the sun broke through and we were able to watch the lightning show over the city from our slightly soggy seats. There are NO bad seats at Red Rocks, but ours were INCREDIBLE!!

As we were waiting for the show to start, we entertained ourselves with some people watching. How do you know you’re in Colorado? They were sampling energy drinks and power bars. Ew. And there were a bunch of hippies there hawking hemp ice cream. Wait! Did we take a wrong turn and end up in Boulder? Kidding!! I REALLY wanted a pic of the old hippie with the braided white beard and rasta hat, but he was FAST! So we got this guy…probably his grandson. Hubby asked him to pose, the woman next to us snapped a couple of pics too. Then she felt bad and bought some hemp ice cream from him. She ordered vanilla; it was greenish-brown. She cautiously took a tiny bite and gasped “ohmygoshit’sAWFUL! It tastes like they took some weeds from their garden and mixed them up with some snow!” There you have it people. Hemp ice cream? Snowy weed.

And then, Sting. There was no opening act. It’s Sting! He doesn’t NEED an opening act. He’s touring with London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. In the words of Sting himself, “Why are they the “Royal” Philharmonic? I borrowed them from a Queen.” He did a good mix of music from his entire career. Englisman in New York, Fields of Gold, If I Ever Lose My Faith in You, and even Rooooooooooxanne! But with an orchestra. Awesome! As predicted he saved Desert Rose for one of the FOUR encores. He may be pushing 60, but he sang for nearly 3 hours at high altitude without missing a beat (although he said trying to ride his bike at high altitude reminded him that he’s from sea level) He doesn’t LOOK his age at all and has one tight little a….oh, wait. This is a family blog.

Sting CloseSting wideRed Rocks

All in all, it was just a great experience and a much needed break for my hubby and me. As we hiked back to our car, we were discussing how it all worked. Did I piss off Karma? To blow my tire in rush hour traffic with my kids in the car? But without the blowout, would we have been on Debbie’s radar when she had a pair of Sting tickets to offload? So maybe it was all GOOD Karma. Whatever!! I got to go see Sting and came home to my car in front of my house sporting some snazzy new tires. It works.


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    Becky says:

    Love that a stressful situation turned into something AWESOME! Love Sting. Maybe next time you will be lucky and get to see Celestial Hoedown………………

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