Toys, toys, everywhere. That’s the theme of our finished basement. We have a nice media area (with toys on the floor) and then a pool table (with toys underneath) even a shuffleboard table! But you guessed it, there are toys surrounding that as well. We have this little nook, alcove, what-have-you, by the stairs and it’s always overrun with stuff. It’s such an awkward space, I never really knew what to do with it. 

I’m embarrassed to show it to all of you. Really. I’d like to say that the boys kept it clean and this picture was a one time deal, but the truth of the matter is, it’s how the toy area looked 6 days out of 7. As soon as one of the boys cleaned it, another was on his heels to destroy it again. 

Without further ado… Our toy “alcove”

EasyClosets Toy Remodel


You can see that I needed some serious help. We have a huge Imaginext collection, more Hot Wheels cars than I can count and apparently love to buy things at a certain Swedish furniture superstore. 

Over the past few months I decided to take control of this area. I finally decided that I wanted to put my knitting supplies down closer to where the boys play so I can work on my projects while keeping an eye on the kids. I also needed a place to put Brady’s therapy tools and toys where they were easy to access, but up high so he couldn’t get into them all the time. And then the toys. Oh how I needed to get those under control. 

I was thrilled to hear from my good friends at The Stow Company and EasyClosets about how they wanted to help me solve these problems. They would supply the materials, design help and expertise in return for me blogging about the experience. OF COURSE! I needed help in a bad way and my husband had some vacation time coming up, so why not take on a DIY project?! 

My first step was to call EasyClosets and talk to a design team member. They have a website where you can either design your own project or get help from the experts. At this point, I was beyond being able to think of ideas on my own, so I picked up the phone. 

After giving some basic measurements, the designer Scott had drawn up a plan and emailed me the specs. While I was still on the phone we went over everything. My need for some craft storage, drawers and doors to hide some of the toy clutter, and baskets GALORE! I’m totally obsessed with the baskets. 

The entire process took maybe 20 minutes, from picking up the phone to finalizing the design. I’m a quick one! If I needed more time, they would have gladly helped accommodate me, but I loved their design, so I ran with it. The products shipped the next day and within a week we had a garage full of boxes ready to be unpacked and built. “Oh honey! I need your help with a little project!” 😉 

Stay tuned to watch our progress and see the finished area! More to come!!


disclosure: This post is part of a campaign with EasyClosets. I was provided the materials but no monetary compensation was made. All ideas and opinions are my own.



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