Dr. Seuss is America’s most beloved author. Today would have been his 108th birthday. To celebrate, many schools around the country (and probably the world) are having readings, parties and special activities surrounding his works. My seven year-old said everyone in his class was to bring in their favorite book and they’d get to read them. My favorite is “The Sneetches” but Carter decided to take Go! Dog! Go! (even though I told him that’s not exactly Dr. Seuss, but meh, close enough)

The Lorax Movie

Today is also the opening of The Lorax! This adorable movie is on our “must see” list this weekend for sure!  I’ve searched the web and found some adorable Lorax themed parties and posts around the blogosphere. Check them out!

Tonya Staab posted this AMAZING Lorax themed party http://www.tonyastaab.com/2012/02/get-creative-with-the-lorax-its-party-time.html

MamaDweeb.com had a great Lorax giveaway! – http://mamadweeb.com/2012/03/helping-my-kids-respect-the-land-with-giveaway/

Kidzui has some great ideas for a Dr. Seuss party! – http://blog.kidzui.com/2012/03/dr-seuss-birthday-activities/

TaraDara even has some great Dr. Seuss themed iPhone/iPad covers and more! – http://taradaramadeit.com/2012/03/happy-birthday-dr-seuss/


Are you doing anything fun for Dr. Seuss’ Birthday? Planning on seeing The Lorax?



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