I know, I know. Really?! Christmas talk already?! But I have good reason. Toys! There are some crazy amazing toys out for the Holidays and I want to help you guys find even the hardest to find ones! I’ve learned some tricks from my work with TimetoPlaymag.com and going to share the knowledge.

First off… To find out what the Most Wanted toys are for 2012’s holiday season, head over to Time to Play’s website and check out their Most Wanted list! (I’ll have my own holiday guide out later this month to share what my boys and I think will be awesome this season.)

Now finding those hot toys is something that is a little easier said than done. My friends and I have a great system worked out. We share what toys we are looking for, then if I’m at the store and see Wham Shell (a Skylandar that is tricky to locate) I can grab it for one friend and that friend may find Boomer or Hex (the only 2 skylanders in the 1st series we are missing! GAH!) and we can swap. Sure beats paying three times as much on ebay!

That tip, along with others I’ve learned along the way, were featured in an AP article that ran in a few papers around the US a couple weeks ago. To read the full article, check out this link.

Some highlights from the article, and tips from the experts include:

  • If you see the toys you think your kids would want now? Buy now! You can always return them before the holidays if they end up not making the cut, or a friend may want to purchase it from you.
  • Shopping online may be the quickest way to score the toys you want, as well as see reviews from others.
  • Shop BEFORE the stores sell out. Sounds tough right? Not really. Most stores will stock their hottest items Friday morning before the weekend rush. Head out around lunch, or early afternoon, and you just beat the weekend shoppers! 😉

If you are looking for the best reviews on toys though, head over to Time to Play! Of course, I may be biased as I write for them, but millions of youtube hits later? I can’t be the only one who loves them!

Check out my special needs toy guide for the holidays over at Time to Play as well!

Time to Play's Most Wanted Toys for 2012



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