This, and every holiday season, parents are looking to find that perfect gift for their child, Aunts & Uncles want to spoil their nephews and nieces, friends want to be the one who gave your child the gift they just can’t put down. In other words, everyone wants to see a child’s face light up this Christmas.

Now, picture this:

Scenario A) You child asks Santa, or makes a list, of their must-have-or-I-won’t-be-able-to-show-my-face-at-school-after-Christmas-Break toys. You then look at the list and have no idea what half of the toys even are, let alone, where to buy them.

Scenario B) You are stretching your budget too thin already when your child asks for a hot and hard to find toy for the holidays. Doc McStuffins, Skylanders, WiiU, all are in high demand. It will take hours trying to find out which stores have what in stock.

Now picture if both of these scenarios could be solved with a single website. Hallelujah! *This is where you are now quoting Star Wars and saying, “Help me Emily-Wan! You’re my only hope!”* 

Well, today, that perfect site is launching their beta version of a tool that will be on all of their honest toy reviews. Price comparison of 5 national retailers, showing who has the lowest price AND??! Who has it in stock. *This is where you are now saying “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR?! What is this perfect site that you speak of?!”*

Well, it’s a site near and dear to me. Time to Play. I’m on their Parent Panel and their Special Needs Contributor (fancy titles for the win!) They play with the toys, build the legos, unlock hidden levels of video games and share their findings with all of you.

A lot of sites like Amazon and ToysRUs have customer reviews, which are great! But sometimes it’s hard to tell if a company employee wrote that review rating a toy that is too loud and breaks often with 5 stars. At Time to Play, they take everything out of the package, show you what it is, why it’s fun, who it’s for and (my favorite) what to be aware of. It’s like having close friends who already own the toy you want, dishing with you the pros and cons of the toy.

They have written reviews, videos, contests, weekly twitter parties and now?! The Price Comparison Tool.

Here is a blurb about the tool in “fancy PR gal language”. 😉


Time to Play is thrilled to introduce its new price comparison tool which provides users with live pricing details of the hottest toys and games. Featured directly alongside our comprehensive product reviews, this tool tracks product inventory and prices at five major retailers, updating information in real-time to keep you in the know about the best deals.

Need help choosing the must-have toy for your child? Not sure you’ll find it in store? With a quick click on, users can see in-depth reviews of thousands of toys and fun family products and now comparison shop on site, truly making your one-stop shop for researching toys this holiday season. You can check out how it looks alongside one of this year’s hottest holiday toys, the Monster High High School, here.

The price comparison tool is currently in beta on, and will fully launch across the site Nov. 20.


Here is how it looks. Pretty slick right?! Darn you Doc McStuffins for being sold out too quick! But now I see it’s in stock at Toys R Us! Christmas is SAVED y’all!

Time to Play Price Comparison Tool Doc McStuffins


No great launch can be without a giveaway right?!

In conjunction with the launch of this amazing new tool, we are giving away 2 of the hottest toys this season! A Leapster GS Explorer and FURBY! (Yup, Furby’s back!)

It’s wicked easy to enter. All you have to do is go to and play around on the site. Come back here and tell me your favorite feature or review! Easy Peasy. (Contest open from 11/20/2012 to 11/30/2012. Open to US residents only please. No purchase necessary to enter, contest subject to all applicable laws and what-not. Full legal jargon here.)

So what are you waiting for? Quit reading and get to entering! 😉

Time to Play giveaway on ********************************************************************************

disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive compensation for my opinions. I work for and love every minute of it so I wanted to share this with all of you. Giveaway is being hosted here on behalf of Time to Play.



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