The iPhoodie. Hoodie for your iPhone. It’s getting to be fall so don’t you think your iPhone deserves to be cozy? (If this looks familiar to you die hard knitters… I have had the pattern on Ravelry for a while now.) 

I’ve had this pattern on Ravelry for almost 2 years. It’s received 3,000+ “likes” on my own personal knit version and over 500 knitters have created their own iphoodie from my pattern. Now, I want to share it with all of you!

You don’t have to be a master knitter to do this, but you should know how to knit “in the round”. If you don’t know how to knit at all and want to learn, is a great resource with videos!

Below is the pattern. Enjoy, and happy knitting! (click the image to see the pdf of the pattern)

how to knit an iphone sweater

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