Hang tight people, I’m about to get healthy on you! Don’t worry, I can still be snarky while being healthier and more active. I’ll have better stamina for snark and wine! 😉

Here is a great campaign from LiveWell Colorado! I do hope you will join me in becoming a LiveWell Mom!


Every mother wants what is best for her family. Yet, finding easy, actionable ways to implement healthier habits, increase physical activity and encourage healthier eating can be challenging. Fortunately, LiveWell Colorado can help.

LiveWell Colorado, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing and reducing obesity in the state by promoting healthy eating and active living, recently created the LiveWell Moms Ambassador Program to unify the voices of Colorado families and help inspire meaningful change. Nearly 500 moms from across the state have already joined the program, thereby taking an important step toward creating healthier families by embracing and promoting healthy eating, active living strategies.

LiveWell Colorado Mom AmbassadorLiveWell Moms know what’s important to Colorado families and do their best to lead by example – whether that includes making a healthy meal at home, choosing to lead a more active lifestyle or becoming proactive to affect change in school policies and community planning.

As part of this growing network, LiveWell Moms receive important news and health updates and are encouraged to use social media to share their own challenges, stories and ideas about healthy living with their family and friends. LiveWell Moms also have a direct connection to LiveWell Colorado’s statewide resources including:

  • The monthly LiveWell Momentum newsletter with fresh information about keeping your family fit and healthy;
  • Healthy recipes and timely information;
  • Blogs from other moms;
  • News about the latest health research;
  • Advocacy updates on issues affecting families and health in Colorado and the nation; and
  • Tools for measuring and taking charge of your family’s health.

From advocating for better school lunch choices to organizing a group for a local fun run, LiveWell Moms come together to shine the light on issues that can help or hinder the health of our children. They join LiveWell Colorado’s fight against obesity, including the devastating epidemic of childhood obesity.

Although Colorado is the leanest state in the nation, it is certainly not immune to the growing health crisis of obesity. Nearly 58 percent of Colorado adults and a quarter of our children are overweight or obese. Further, Colorado is ranked a dismal 23rd in the nation for childhood obesity and has the second-fastest rate of increase in the country.

LiveWell Moms play a pivotal role in reversing these devastating trends by making their voices heard and becoming the change they want to see.

Learn more about LiveWell Colorado at www.livewellcolorado.org and join the LiveWell Moms Ambassador Program today.


disclosure: this is part of a sponsored campaign. I joined the LiveWell Mom Ambassador program to help show my kids how to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. I do still sneak in the wine though. Hey, it’s antioxidants! 😉



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