Powerful words when you think about it. This is something I’ve been striving to do for my husband and kids and something I’m ashamed to say I struggled with.

You see, I’m an independent gal. Any one member of my family or friends or even strangers on the street can see that. I want to do everything myself. I don’t need help. It’s easier just to do things on my own. So how do I switch my brain from that for the past 33 years to making sure when the boys and I are together, that we are truly together, not just occupying the same room, each doing things on our own?

It’s also no secret that Brady’s Autism is a struggle. I have countless posts here about our journey. How can I make sure that I’m giving equal attention to my other boys when it seems like my entire focus is on Brady?

Blogging has helped, in a way. Getting opportunities to go on trips like to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and combine it as a family vacation recently, really helped. We got to get away from the day to day, school and work, and really focus on doing things as a family. (Although next vacation I’d like to try to NOT have one to three kids in bed with me for 5 nights kicking and snoring all night.)

Now that we are back in reality, how can I keep this up? The togetherness, not the snoring. Here are a few ways I’m hoping to achieve “Making Together Better”

  • Family Game Night. We used to do this but have really dropped off. I want to bring it back as a way all of us can laugh and spend time together.
  • Family Movie Night. We do this, but often times I’m on the laptop or reading and not really watching. I think if I take a more active role in picking the movie and watching it with the boys, they might get into this again too.
  • “Hug a Brother/kid” moments. Just stopping at some point in the day to declare everyone to give each other a hug and tell them something amazing about themselves. (I can see the eyerolls from my teenager already).
  • Computers off by dinner time. For everyone, including me. This one will be painful, but I’ve been trying it out here and there already and so far my blog hasn’t blown up and my clients haven’t complained… so it’s time to make this permanent.

What tips do you have for Making Together Better? How will you incorporate this into your everyday life? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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