My son turned 9 last week and I was struggling to figure out what kind of party to have for him. He loves a few different things, How to Train Your Dragon, Jurassic Park and… wait, hold the phone… Minecraft! That’s it! I’ll throw a Minecraft party. It will be easy. 

It wasn’t easy. 

Minecraft Birthday

For one, there aren’t any minecraft party supplies readily available. There were a lot of Etsy sellers with printables you could purchase and download, but they all got shut down due to copyrights and trademarks infringement.

Pinterest to the rescue! I found lots of ideas and this post of another minecraft party where she offers lots of printables she has created. I searched high and low for the perfect cake, settling on this tutorial, only to be told by my son that he wants it made out of cheesecake. Um… Okay. Thankfully I found this recipe to make cheesecake bars. I made two batches, one I dyed green for grass blocks and the other left plain for sand blocks. I made blue jello to act as the water (only using 1 cup boiling water per 3oz package), then arranged the cubes to make a block. Throw on some toothpicks with images of Steve, zombie blocks and skeleton blocks and it was complete. cheesecake

We have a couple people who are dairy/soy/gluten/egg free coming to the party as well, so I needed another dessert. Rice Krispies treats to the rescue! Add in some brownies and voila! Creeper Cake. 

creeper rice krispies


I found a free printable of a “Happy Birthday” banner, minecraft style on this blog and printed it out. Not my best streamer work, but I doubt the kids will care. 

minecraft banner


Candy. We needed candy. I had seen people use Twizzlers as TNT, so I grabbed those. I wanted some other candy so I hit Party City. Not only did I find whole aisles full of candy, but they had square plates in greens and browns. Perfect! This is the candy display I came up with. 

Minecraft Candy


For food, I wanted something people could “build”. I remembered Chipotle does catering and placed my order. The Big Spread! Three meats, rice, beans, veggies and all the “fixins”. We had 20 people coming to the party so this was perfect! No prep from me, just pick up the food, lay it out and enjoy! To learn more about their catering options, click here.

chipotle catering


The party was a huge success! The adults were happy with the food, the kids were happy with the theme and candy/treats and I was happy that the birthday boy had a great party. Now that all the guests are gone and we’ve cleaned up, it’s time to start writing the Thank You cards. I found an image of a creeper and created this MINECRAFT Thank You Card. We printed it out, cut them in half and there are the thank you cards. 🙂 

MINECRAFT Thank You Card







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