Neosporin’s Eczema Cream Saved My Hands (Plus a Coupon!)

Okay, the other day the perfect storm came together for me and ended up with me being able to share this high value coupon for Neosporin’s Eczema Cream.

(Wait, What? Emily, seriously, eczema cream?)

Yes. Seriously.

I live in Colorado, King of the dry dry air States. It’s so dry here, even our cacti scream for water. We had a humidifier installed in our house but it recently broke, so now Brady and I both are sporting the tell tale eczema signs. Red patchy skin, itching like crazy and nothing had been helping. I saw a TV ad for Neosporin and their new line of eczema creams and the next time I was at WalMart, picked up the Daily Moisturizing Cream and the Anti-Itch Cream. I’ve been using them both religiously and the eczema is nearly gone!

My hands were the worst, so embarrassing to do my how to crochet videos with red patches on my hands, I angled the lighting just right so you can’t see it. I still need to film the hot to knit videos but my hands were starting to flake and just looked nasty. After a week of using the cream, you can hardly see where the eczema was! just slight redness is left.

So while I’m all excited and sharing with my friends about this new wonder cream, I was asked if I wanted to help promote them! Well, duh! Then the perfect storm came together:

  • post about a product I already use and LOVE… can do
  • offer a high value coupon to purchase said product… no brainer
  • let you know you can find it at WalMart, both in-store and on… Check and Check!
  • have Matt Damon help out by giving you hand massages… yeah, okay, that wasn’t really part of the deal, but a girl can dream can’t she?!

So here is the skinny on the new line…

When children have eczema, its negative effects are not felt by the child but by the entire family. Parents want to be the hero and bring relief to this popular skin problem so Neosporin has come out with a line of products to bring relief to the skin and the entire family overall.

#1 Daily Body Wash
• Proven gentle and non-irritating, even on eczema-prone skin
• Fragrance-free, soap-free
• Gentle enough for everyday use

#2 Daily Moisturizing Cream
• Deeply moisturizes
• Relieves itch on contact and irritation due to eczema
• Helps strengthen and restore the skin’s natural barrier function
• Fragrance and steroid-free

#3 Anti-Itch Cream
• Clinically shown to improve dryness, flaking and appearance of redness
• Maximum strength of itch relief
• For occasional use


I haven’t yet tried the body wash, but you can bet your nickers I’m going to print this coupon and go buy it!

Do you suffer from eczema? What have you tried to get rid of it, or get it under control?



disclosure: this is part of a sponsored campaign with Global Influence. Regardless of that, I’d still pimp this product because I’ve been using for a few weeks now (before this campaign) and love it!


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