So the social media and bloggy world is all a’twitter. On the Twitters, the facebooks, blogs and even major sites like Babble.


Thanks for asking! I’ll tell you. Because they are stealing and not playing well with others. NickMom needs a serious time out. I’m talking do not pass go, do not collect $200, go sit on the naughty mat.

Lemme play catch up for those of you who want to know the full back story.

Once upon a time, there was this awesome website called They post hilarious stuff for moms and dads alike. Original videos, funny things their wives say, and, the most hilarious original images. Like Godzilla v. Baby and an infographic on skid marks. Yes, you read that right. I dare you not to spit your drink all over the computer screen while reading. I’m pretty sure Charlie and Andy are responsible for at least one of the three laptops I’ve ruined with drinks. 😉

So, all of a sudden has an image eerily similar to the Godzilla v. Baby. Inspiration? Rip off? Either way, when confronted they said they took the image down (after a ton of HTBAD followers probably ripped into them) and tweeted to the boys “Can we still be friends?”

I’m not joking. How condescending is that?!

Okay, I’m kinda bored rehashing the entire backstory so make sure to read’s timeline of events, her contact back and forth and how the response thus far has been something I’d equate to a grown-up patting a child on the head and saying, “oh you silly girls, they are just playing around.”

Then read Type-A Mom’s take on things as she is one of the many whom have had their trademarks, copyrights, etc. infringed on. With a “parody” of depicting Type-A Moms in a bad light. Hey! I’m Type A, doesn’t mean I’m an a$$hole like they made the “parody mom” out to be. #rude.

Chewy v NickMom. Back off our Images.
Copyrighted bitches! That means you, NickMom, cannot steal this. Ya Heard?!

You back? Okay then. Now I’m gonna tell you how I feel. Not as a blogger, as, so far, I can’t tell that they’ve stolen any images from me like they have with MamaDweeb and NotJustaHousewife and countless others. But… as a mom.

How you you feel if you are just minding your own business on facebook, stalking ex-boyfriends, spying on girls you hated in high school and chatting with family you regretting “friending” and all of a sudden, a funny site you “like” posts an image of your kid/family/dog/whatever and strips your copyright watermark (if you had one) and slaps their logo on it?

Me? I’d be pissed. Yes, we are a world that loves to post, share, instagram, pin, tweet, etc on a minutely basis, but that doesn’t give a site run by a large corporation like Viacom, branded by a very well known kids channel Nickelodeon, the right to essentially steal your pictures and make money off of them by way of ads on their site.

What would tick me off even more? If I called them out on is and they did the proverbial pat on the head, “oops! My bad, got caught!” and then turned around and did the SAME THING the very next day to another unsuspecting mom.

Shame on you. *finger pointing and shaking with a scowl on my face*

Like I said. Looks like someone needs a time-out. I really hope main stream media catches on to this and makes an example of them. Just because images are cached on google, doesn’t mean they are free reign.

*steps off soap box*





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