Paging Moms in Colorado! Join our Forums & Chat 2 Win!

Do you like to chit chat with other moms? Share recipes, give or get advice, talk about the kids, books, tv shows and more?

ColoradoMoms has a place for you! Our forums are filled with moms who want to chat and get to know one another. To problem solve, share ideas and even share a laugh or two.

Registration is free and from now until September 30th, 2012, each new member in the forums will be entered to win prizes such as an ipod shuffle, a $50 American Express gift card, $25 Panera gift card and more!  Already a member? Refer a friend and your name get’s put in as well!


So what are you waiting for? Come join in the fun! It’s the community you’ve been missing since Moms Like Me left, without all the crazy drama. 😉  We have monthly contests, Mom’s Night Out events and looking for moderators to help!

Full rules and legal jargon can be found here


Fueled by coffee and wine. Wife to a doc, mom to three boys (one with Autism), a puppy and a tortoise. I knit, I get crafty, I tweet.


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