So, I’m not the most responsible person in the world. My husband can certainly attest to that. Recently, on a trip to DisneyWorld, I lost my credit card. Can you believe it!? The happiest place on earth, and I lose a credit card and proceed to panic for the following hours. Luckily this story has a happy ending.

I was speaking at the conference, SheCon at Walt Disney World this past May. After arriving at the hotel, I met up with Amanda of and we went to the pool for some snacks and drinks. Later in the evening, I realized my credit card was missing.

I was trying to play it off cool, but inside I was a mess. I retraced my steps, tried to think of everywhere I had been and then bit the bullet and called the front desk. I was seconds shy of canceling my credit card when the resort said they had found the card and I had left it at the snack bar. Phew! I still kept an eagle eye on my statement as I wanted to make sure there wasn’t any funny charges on the card in those few short hours it was missing. Thankfully, all was well and I could enjoy the rest of my stay at Disney.

Identity Guardhas some great tips for traveling to make sure your vacation is less stressful than mine was. They have a great article on avoiding identity theft when traveling. One of the tips in this article is, • Bring as few credit cards as possible and ideally carry just one with you and keep a backup card in the hotel safe. Bring a copy of the emergency contact numbers for your credit cards and bank accounts in case they’re lost or stolen.

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