by Kate, aka Knitschmidt. 😉

As days go by and negotiations continue, one thing has become crystal clear. My husband and I are probably not qualified to give a child the name it is going to be saddled with for the rest of it’s life. I think we did okay with the first three. And if this baby is a girl, I think we’ve got it reasonably covered. But we’re completely tapped out of boy names.

For the time being, Baby Knitschmidt is known as “Sheldon the Gummi Bear.” This has caused some concern for family members. Mr. Knit’s cousin left him a voice message last week. “Is it a boy?! SHELDON?! Are you REALLY going to name it Sheldon?” Tempting, but, no. Our first ultrasound looked like a turtle, so we named it after Sheldon, the knit turtle. Our three year old saw our first 3D ultrasound and yelled “gummi bear!” Thus Sheldon the Gummi Bear was born. Well, not born, but you know what I’m saying.

We’ve been through the baby name book and really, there aren’t many boy names you can put with our last name! It’s long, it’s German, it’s mispronunciations have earned me the nickname “Whippershit.” John Jacob Jingleheimer Knitschmidt has been a strong contender. Hubby thinks Danger would be a fabulous middle name. Go ahead… say it. “Danger IS my middle name.” Upon watching The Incredibles we decided maybe Jack-Jack Danger would be good. My Father-in-law’s old standby, Wolfgang has been tossed around. Or the kids suggestion from last time: Marshmallow Jigglypuff.

Don’t even get me going on the Popular Baby Name List, the Social Security Administration just released. “You simply CANNOT choose a name in the top 10!” With the trouble we have finding a name, why in the world would we take it off the list just because it’s popular? If we like it, agree on it, it works with our last name and eventually the kid will be able to spell it, then it’s a winner if it’s popular or not!!

I caught a typo on a list I’m on for due dates: Knitschmidt, Suprise, Sue Sept 2011. Sue!! We could have a boy named Sue! Johnny Cash even has a song for it!

But since we can’t find one we like and agree on that goes with our last name, it will most likely end up being “Baby Boy.” Or we could just stick with “Sheldon the Gummi Bear!” It IS growing on me