A couple weeks ago, after the weekly TimeToPlay twitter party, I was contacted by a PR firm and asked if I wanted to meet TheToyGuy himself! Well, Duh! Of course! They said he’d be in Denver on the 10th and told me where to go. I get nervous driving and just being downtown (yeah, suburbanite momma here, can ya tell?) so I asked if I could bring Knitschmidt along.

After almost running out of gas and then the gps taking me right by Coors Field right when the game was starting, I finally maneuvered my way downtown and parked! Whew! That was stressful in itself. I met up with Knitschmidt and off we went to the cafe. We were pleasantly surprised to see our old friend LaLa! I hadn’t seen her in ages even though we “see” each other online.

I got to meet some amazing women! We chatted about being bloggers, being moms, toys, this and that. It was so great to meet “that toy guy who lives in the computer” as Cartman calls him.

We all got to see, play with and take home some great new toys! Watch for a review post on the brand new Androidz – Battling Rolling Robots. They launched their product right here in Denver. Cow Town no more, we are a Toy Town now baby. 😉 Okay, so still maybe a bit of a cow town, but we have cool toys, does that count?!

Some other great toys we saw were:

Toy Story 3 – Blast off Buzz
Toy Story 3 – Action Links
Mighty Beanz (my kids personal fave!)
Thomas the Train
Tonka Trucks
and more!

Check out TheToyGuy on Regis & Kelly!



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