Toddler Toothbrush Collection #autism {Wordless Wednesday}

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    Last time I took the kids to the dentist, Brody wanted a toothbrush, too. He had just been to the dentist a few days earlier and already had a new one they had given him at home, but they gave him another anyway. It is currently living on the floor of my car between the back of the passenger seat and the sliding door. I think of chewy every time I buckle Brody in and see it.

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    Seriously – this looks like us. My 5yo freaks out when I want to throw one away. He needs it for his tiger, frog, turtle, etc. stuffed animals. You should how long it take to brush our teeth then they are all involved.

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    How many children do you have now? When did the other 14 sneak into your home? Cute & colorful. Reminds me of paintbrushes and I guess, in a way, they are!

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