Kids love tablets. iPads, kindles, and more. These devices are expensive and delicate. It’s hard to let kids play with them when you’ve shelled out so much cash for one screen. VTech has the solution, the Innotab.

$80 for a tablet for kids is a lot easier to swallow than the $300+ other, more grown up tablets cost. Plus, the Innotab is designed with kids and learning in mind. With built in ereader, games and more, kids have everything they need in one place.

InnoTab learning tablet for kids comes preloaded with variety of fun apps let kids express their creativity. With the Color & Pop creative apps, your kids will enjoy color the picture and see how it magically comes to life in 3D. Other creative apps like Art Studio offers painting, coloring and drawing apps by touch or using the included stylus. Kids can further unleash their creativity to edit the photo transferred from KidiZoom® camera (sold separately) or images from their home computer.

Kids can maintain their multimedia lives with the learning tablet InnoTab’s integrated MP3 player to listen to their favorite songs, as well as view videos with the Video Player. Other integrated apps include Photo Viewer, Calculator, Calendar, Notepad, Clock, and Friends Address Book.

Now kids can have all their “important” things in one spot! Plus, since it’s made for kids, it’s pretty durable. I won’t tell you how I know this, but let’s just say our Innotab magically found it’s way down the basement stairs and still works like new. 😉

My boys really put the Innotab to the test. They downloaded games, read ebooks, colored and more. They wished it had a built in camera to take pictures and video, but the Innotab is compatible with VTech’s kidzoom camera. You can take pictures with the kid zoom, then load them onto the Innotab. Hoping for the next version to have this built-in.

The graphics were great, the size is good too, though I was expecting with the size of the tablet that the screen size would be a bit bigger. I love how the corners have a rubbery grip to them so it makes it really easy for kids to hold onto it. The stylus is nice and large too, also great for such little hands.

My younger boys are 3 and 7, at both ends of the age range for this toy. I think the Innotab is perfect for preschool – kindergarten, but even kids in 1st and 2nd grade can play with it without seeming “too old” for the games. At $80, the price point is great as well, very comparable to similar toys on the market.

The kids verdict?! This would make a great gift for the holidays, especially for those parents wishing to be able to use their own pricey tablets and gadgets again. 😉

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(ignore his binky, he’ll get rid of it before college… maybe 😉 )


disclosure: I was given an innotab to facilitate this review. All opinions are mine and honest. No monetary compensation was made for this post. And while I’m disclosing, I must confess… it was me who accidentally dropped the Innotab down the stairs, not the boys. shhhhhhh don’t tell them!



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