Wanker Chronicles Part 1: Welcome to New York!

On Monday night, my daughter asked me what time we were going to leave on Tuesday. I told her “the crack of dawn.” So when my alarm clock went off at 6:15 on Tuesday she came running in, yelling “MOMMY!! It’s the crack of dawn!! We have to GO!!” So I kicked the hubby to wake him up so he could help me load up McLovin and get out of Dodge.

The day started out uneventful. Really. Have you seen Northeastern Colorado? Not a lot there. The kids asked to stop and go potty a few miles away from the Nebraska border. We stopped at the Colorado Welcome Center where the kids learned “you CAN’T poop in a teepee.” Thank you, Grandma!

Truly, I can’t complain about the kids on the drive. They were rock stars. A bit loud and wild at times, but they did really well. I can complain, however, about the song they chose when they decided to start singing. It wall started when someone asked “will there be waffles at the hotel?” And that’s when it happened.

“Do you like waffles? Yeah! We like waffles!
Do you like pancakes? Yeah! We like pancakes!
Do you like french toast? Yeah! We like french toast!
Do do-do-do, can’t wait to get a mouthful!”

And just in case you’re not familiar with the tune:

The Waffle Song

They would sing it for a while and get bored with it, until the toddler would burst out with “WAFFLES!” and then it would start all over again.

We saw lots of cool sights. One of our favorites was the crop dusting planes. We saw them several times. The first one flew super low over the highway and scared us a bit until we realized what it was. after that it was fun to watch them swoop in low over the field, loop back up and come back for another pass.

On the way into Iowa, the big kids got the toddlers going on telling everything he saw “bye bye.”

Say bye bye car! “Bye bye car!”
Say bye bye tree! “Bye bye tree!”
Say bye bye bridge! “Bye bye bitch!”
Say bye bye corn! “Bye bye cor-un!”

That game was super fun, and super hysterical…until the next morning at breakfast when the little darling burst out and yelled bye by to the bridge. Check, please!

Illinois, Indiana and Ohio are all a bit of a blur. It was a lot more of the same. Waffle song, toddler swearing unintentionally, Steak n’ Shake and lots and lots of farms. Finally, Thursday morning, we crossed into Pennsylvania. Which is exciting, because it’s almost New York. The kids asked for another potty break (there were lots of these, I should have documented them all) and I told them okay. As soon as we see a rest stop. It was 40 miles into New York. Oops. We stopped at my old favorite ice cream shop in Rochester, where the toddler met some ducks. Guess what THAT sounded like??

But now, we’re here. Northern New York, farm country, my old home week. Hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa, Sally the dog and Gretzky the cat. Wonder what trouble we can get into here….


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    ColoradoMoms says:

    FUN!!!! Glad you guys made it safe!!! Just don’t as the toddler to say “Bye Bye Dump Truck.” 😉

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