Why do you knit, Knit?


I have a NEED to do something with my hands. I went to college to study graphic design, but quickly discovered I didn’t want to just design. I loved the production end just as much, if not more. I didn’t want to just come up with the idea, I needed the follow through. I loved the messy printing end, but didn’t want to give up the creative design end. So I took a break to figure things out. My parents are still bitter. And I got married, and had babies and decided what I REALLY wanted to do was be Mom. But I still need to create somehow.

Grandma taught me to knit when I was little. And then I forgot. My mother in law gave me a refresher course. And then I neglected it. Then I had my second baby, a girl. And discovered hats. Why? They’re cute, and you can put anything on a baby’s head, no matter how ridiculous it might be. And they’re portable. I can take a hat project anywhere. And they’re fast! Important for a busy mom. And knitting in general is a fabulous stress reliever. And if it doesn’t relieve your stress, then at least you have pointy sticks to fend people off with.

I’ve had my mishaps and misunderstandings. My sons shark hat was the result of some heavy pattern modification. I tried knitting it according to the pattern and came up with a knitted piece of the male anatomy. I’m not putting that on my kids head!! In the end it turned out okay. I watched a hat I spent hours on that was almost finished being dragged around the house by a toddler with the cat chasing as it unraveled. GAAAH!! And just this past weekend my husband asked “what are you knitting? A sperm?” No, Honey. It’s going to be a turtle. I haven’t finished it yet!

There’s a social aspect I love, too. Twice a week I get together with groups of friends to knit. I’ve “met” so may wonderful people through my Etsy shop and selling at craft fairs. And there’s the fabulous online community of Ravelry, where knitters and crocheters from all around the world can meet up, share projects and skills and get help when they need it. I even co-moderate a couple of discussion groups there. The Smartass Yarn Hos, where sarcastic knitters from all over get together. It’s a fun group of women (and men!) from all over who are hysterically funny, warm and caring.  The Colorado Moms group is just starting to take off but has lots of knitters and crocheters from the Colorado Moms forums.

Mostly I love the endless possibilities. The fact that I can take this and a couple of sticks:

And turn it in to this:



4 thoughts on “Why do you knit, Knit?”

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    Hethyr says:

    Wait, you’ve only really been knitting for a few years? I thought it was more like, well, your entire life! You’re so fast and talented! That means there’s hope for me yet! 😀

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    ColoradoMoms says:

    LOVE all you work! You are a knitting sensei to my grasshopper. Wait, you should totally KNIT a Sensei! and a grasshopper.

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