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Foodies, Friends, Families–There’s Something for Everyone at Stout Street Social

My family and I love trying new restaurants. The only problem is, we can never seem to agree on where to go. There’s my Kansas-born and bred husband who doesn’t believe it’s a meal if it doesn’t include a giant hunk of meat. There’s my 7 year old son, whose sophisticated tastes range from Korean and Indian dishes to sushi to mac and cheese. Then there’s my girls: 20 months apart, they share everything, but they couldn’t be more different when it comes to food. One loves seafood, the other detests it. One is very adventurous in trying new things, the other sticks to foods she knows she likes. And of course there’s me, I will eat absolutely anything you can put on a plate–provided that it’s non-GMO and humanely raised! 

We start out with good intentions of trying a new place, and we usually end up at the soup and salad buffet restaurant so everyone can just get what they like. #sadpanda.

That was until we discovered Stout Street Social. This place! It speaks to me! Fresh, seasonal ingredients in unique, chef-driven dishes. Reclaimed wine crates, basketball gym floors, and wine bottles make up the interior–it’s like Pinterest came to life! Tons of Colorado craft brews on tap, an expansive wine list, and inventive cocktails. The “social” part of the name refers to the menu that’s tailor made for sharing. Lots of “small plates” meant for ordering several, and sharing around the table. It also refers to social media–there’s a giant screen on the wall projecting tweets, instagram and facebook shares in real time–they’re speaking my language! 


We visited on a Wednesday night for dinner, and the restaurant looked busy but service was very quick and attentive. Our waiter was excited to tell us about the menu–it’s always a good sign when the servers take pride in the food they’re serving! He recommended that we order lots of the small plates, instead of individual menu items. In hindsight I wish we’d taken his advice. We ordered a sushi roll for sharing–the fish is flown in fresh every day, and sushi rolls are created by chef Yani at an exhibition-style raw bar. It was AMAZING. A creative combo of tuna, coconut, avocado, wasabi, and fish roe (“they’re like salty Pop Rocks, Momma!” says my 7-year-old)


The Tropical Salmon Roll



Then we each ordered our own burgers, sandwiches, and entrees. They all tasted fine, especially the half-chicken grilled in a “sofritos” marinade, and the smoked Prime Rib sandwich. I was especially impressed that the kids’ menu wasn’t just the usual chicken fingers, mac & cheese, and pizza. It also included mini filet mignon, and veggie sushi rolls! Even though we enjoyed everything, we definitely left wishing that we’d gotten more adventurous. I think that what Stout Street Social is best at, is the social, sharing aspect, and next time we will definitely go that route. 

The Social Burger



Stout Street Social is located at the corner of 14th and Stout Streets in downtown Denver. It’s right across the street from the Convention Center, and kitty-corner from the Performing Arts complex. We go to a lot of symphonies, ballets, and musicals so this is an absolutely perfect location for lunch or dinner before the shows. I can’t wait to try more of the small plates, and I also want to check out their Sunday brunch! 


You can see the full menu, make reservations, follow social media, and learn more at, and if you go be sure to tweet, instagram, and post about your experience! 

My family and I were invited to experience a complimentary dinner at Stout St. Social, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. All photos (c) Stout St Social, 2014



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