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Free Desktop Organizer Template

I used to have a laptop desktop that was so full of folders and random documents, I felt like the TV show Hoarders was going to come and yell at me for it’s condition. Really, it should have been condemned. I would be embarrassed when others would see my laptop.

Then I saw on Pinterest some desktop organizer images. What are these amazing things??!! I saw many that had different categories, calendars, photos and more. I thought to myself, “Self, You have photoshop and love to tinker around… You should make your own!” And that I did.

Here is my current desktop image:

Isn’t it pretty?!?!

I’m pretty proud of this bad boy. But I didn’t want to keep it just for myself. 🙂

You can download one for your own computer. The dimensions are 1280 x 1000. You can clip, stretch, crop to fit your desktop. To download the full size image – click the image below. You can paste in your own photo to personalize it even further, the dimensions for that are roughly 280 x 400.


Feel free to share the image, email it to a friend, pin it on Pinterest, just make sure to link back here please! 🙂



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