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Geeky Knits: Godzilla v Mothra

mothra v Godzilla made out of yarn knit

I try not to touch on politics or things that might be too controversial on this site. Republican, Democrat, Vax, No Vax, Pro Choice, Pro Life, all those topics won’t be shared here. I respect everyone’s view and opinion and love when people share with me their reasonings behind their argument. That all said, in light of recent events going on in the world around us, I do have one brazen statement to make.

Godzilla would have gotten this done way faster.

No lie. I mean he’s a mutant lizard for goodness sakes! He terrorized New York City and they made him a hero and made countless movies about him. Had Obama called his people up, Godzilla would have been all, “Yo, Prez, I gots this!”

So to honor that overgrown gecko, I will share my middle sons pride and joy. Our very own Godzilla v. Mothra. Out of yarn.
Godzilla made out of yarn knit
mothra v Godzilla made out of yarn knit
mothra made out of yarn knit
mothra v godzilla made out of yarn knit

Here is the picture my son drew and then ordered asked me to “knit this”.
mothra vs godzilla

If you’d like the patterns I used to make these, you can check out my profile on Ravelry and take a look at the projects completed. I haven’t finished a project in a long time, but hoping to get back to knitting and designing soon!



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