Our Holiday Toy Guide was released almost a month ago and most of the toys on that list are on par with retail sales. A lot are hard to find, so if you see one, Grab it!

We’ve played with a few more toys here to expand the list for you! Here are five more toys we love!

5 toys your kids will love

Ezy Roller – If you grew up in  the 80’s, you probably had a roller racer. It was my most favorite thing EVER! Now, EZRoller is taking that concept a step further. With extensions to make it go from a ride on for 4 year-olds all the way up to adults (they say 15, pashaw! I rode that bad boy!) this toy will literally grow with your child! Better than a scooter, more fun than a bike, this will make your neighbors stop and ask you “what the heck IS that thing?!”. The only hitch we’ve had is making sure the kids straighten the wheel before climbing on or they often tumble to the side. Not a huge deal, just something to be aware of. At $99, it’s definitely not a cheap toy, but well made and will last for years!

Dazzling Princess Game by Wonder Forge – A hot game this holiday season and we can see why! Check out a full review over at TimetoPlaymag.com They rated it highly and if I had a little girl, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Okay, I might get it and force the boys to play it with me and just call the gems “life forces” or something. Think they’d mind?!

The Vinci tablet is completely captivating! For kids, a built in cirriculum, videos and games, for adults, a way to unlock the tablet and put it in ParentMode and you can download apps and use the tablet as, well, a tablet! A sturdy frame is built around the unit for an easier grip and to offer a bit of protection, but you should still treat this tablet with care as you would any others. We loved the music videos that are built in and Brady watches them intently. *Keep an eye out for a full review coming soon!*

Skylanders Battlegrounds™ – Yup, Those genius gamers at Skylanders have yet another new way to play! It is available either as a physical starter pack at retail or digitally as a standalone iOS App bringing the signature blend of physical and virtual play from the Skylanders console experience to mobile devices. The Skylanders Battlegrounds Starter Pack (available at retail for $49.99) includes a special wireless Bluetooth Portal of Power® that brings your figures to life on iOS,  three characters and a redemption code to download the game at the App Store. The standalone app is available at the App Store on iOS devices directly for $6.99; no peripherals or figures are required to play.

Wii U – The one thing Carter is asking Santa for and let’s pray that jolly guy delivers! 😉 Nintendo’s newest platform is already a huge hit and it’s only been on shelves for a few weeks! The new system doesn’t just allow you to play games, it also streams netflix, you can surf the internet, use the game pad as a TV remote, video chat with friends a whole lot more!

disclosure: Some of the items in this guide were sent to us for our review. Some we bought on our own. All of them we love!



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