I have the best job ever. I get to play with toys, watch my kids play and interact with them and then share our findings with all of you! I figured since the Holidays are among us, I’d share 25 toys that my kids and I give our big ol’ stamp of approval! Some of these you will find in our Holiday Gift Guide, but there are so many more toys than the few that made it in our guide.

So first up, LeapSchool Math! It’s a game for the Leapster line. It’s compatible with the Leapster Explorer, GS Explorer, LeapPad and LeapPad 2! (pssst… we are giving away a Leapster GS Explorer over here too!)

If you are familiar with this blog at all, you will already know what HUGE LeapFrog fans we are. From the Fridge Phonics to Twinkle Twinkle Scout to the Leapster line, we love it all. I was thrilled to get to try out a new game! Er, I mean the kids were thrilled. 😉

Brady is 4 and developmentally delayed, so the game was a bit over his head, but thankfully his 8 year-old brother stepped up to the plate to help. Carter would solve the math problems and let Brady choose the rewards. One of the only times they could play a game together!

leapschool math by leapfrog

In LeapSchool Math, you use different math skills to build stuffed animals, play games and make your own bubble bath solutions! Brady loved picking the blue stuffed animal body and then having Carter fill it. Carter then let Brady choose the faces, while he found all the “accessories”. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well they worked together. With Brady’s autism, his attention span to these types of games is usually very slim, but he and Carter played the game for almost and hour before Brady decided to fill up the Leapster GS with a bunch of videos of our ceiling fan (his favorite thing to do!)

Here is a little more about the game:


leapfrog-leapschool-mathLeapSchool™ Math Game Description

•        Explore weight and volume by mixing up special bubble bath potions.

•        Learn about measurements, proportions and geometry when you make stuffed animals and create games.

•        Get practice with counting and use money skills to calculate change as you sell items to fund school repairs.

•        Teaches mathematics, geometry, proportions, measurements and creative thinking.

•        Appropriate for 4 to 7 years (grades pre-K to 1).


While I love the games and leapfrog line, the $24.99 price is a bit high. I’ve seen them on sale at Amazon and Target for as low as $18 so definitely shop around to get the best price this holiday season. You should also check LeapFrog’s shopping page as they often have some bundle deals that might help lower the price.

The game states its for ages 4-7 and I think 4 is a bit young, but it really depends on your child. I would definitely recommend it for 5-7 year-olds as it is proving to be a perfect compliment to what my boys learned in Kindergarten.

Check out this video preview of the game if you still aren’t convince by me. 😉


disclosure: I was sent a copy of the game for my honest review. No compensation was made. 



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