The 2012 ColoradoMoms Holiday Toy Guide

Hot off the presses! We have scoured toy stores, researched websites, stalked the UPS man, stayed up past bedtime, all to bring you this years list of the MUST HAVE toys of the season. From infant to teenagers, boys and girls alike will love our list and beg for these toys.

2012 Holiday Toy Guide by


Click here to see the full guide and read our recommendations. 


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  1. LauraVS says

    Great list. Definitely some things on there we’re interested in. I’m not a fan of one recommendation, though. The elephant ball popper. We were give one last year and I despise it. First of all, it has a large footprint, taking up way more space than it should, considering the limited play potential. And it’s loud! The only way to try to mute it a tiny bit is to place tape inside the toy, which doesn’t even help much. Also, the balls either go flying or just sort of sit there, hovering atop the trunk. Rarely do they actually go back into one of the ears. This means that Mommy or Daddy has to stand there the whole time to make sure the balls are kept in play. The only thing my toddler does with this toy is press the button to make noise and try to shove other toys inside the trunk. Now maybe we just have a dud elephant, but I wish we’d never been given one of these.

    • Emily says

      I’ve had a couple of other people mention the noise as well. I don’t know if we got lucky with ours, as it isn’t quite as loud, but we also use it on a carpeted surface, so I assume placing it on wood, tile or low pile carpet would amplify the sound. We also use ours for therapy and not it’s intended use, so I might just have to move that one over to the special needs guide coming out later this month. (With your nose warning!)

      Thanks so much for sharing your review on the product! It always helps to hear from others who have the same toy!


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