I cannot say enough about Growums! I love them. I have a black thumb when it comes to plants. I can even kill fake plants, that’s how talented I am. Until now…

I have the magical growing touch! My black thumb is slowly turning brown and then hopefully green! All because of this great product Growums! You put the pellets on a plate, add water, put in a few seeds and place in the sun. VIOLA! Plants!

Each Growums Garden Kit comes with everything you need to start growing your own delicious vegetables and herbs. But your Growums experience doesn’t end there. Before you start your seeds, be sure to register your garden at Growums.com, then get ready for an interactive gardening adventure! Fun-loving Growums characters come to life in a series of animated videos that show you how to properly care for your plants, from planting the seeds to harvesting your food. (You’ll even learn tips on what to do with your garden once it’s finished for the season.) Your Growums friends will help you keep track of each stage of your garden’s progress, so you won’t get lost along the way. The more you log onto Growums.com, the more points you can earn to use later on the site. It’s a fun and educational online experience like no other, and it’s a wonderful way to grow a successful garden – one character at a time!

Growums Vegetable Garden Kit

From their website –

When I was a kid, I started growing vegetables for my dad’s garden center using the same type of pellets used to grow your Growums today. It was magical to watch this small, dry object soak up water and create a place for me to put my vegetable seeds – and a few days later, I had plants! (It was cool!) Most kids today don’t get to experience this, and it’s our goal to give them that chance.

In addition, the Growums program:

Gives children a life-changing experience, teaching them that they can grow their own food and help the environment, as well as emphasize the importance of healthy eating
Gives them gardening knowledge and shows them the skills it takes to become a successful gardener – no matter what their age
Gives kids a chance to have fun quality time with their parents, siblings and grandparents – both out in the garden, as well as online
Gives back to your organization, charity or fundraiser
We feel that by providing children with a remarkable experience to grow their own garden – along with the help of fun characters who coach them in a virtual world they can enjoy online – the kids will be attentive and successful in their real-life gardening adventures. My kids have done it, and so have the kids in my neighborhood. I can tell you from experience: The joy on their faces and the fun they had digging in the dirt – then eating what they grew – was immeasurable!

Come grow with us – and add a little character to your garden!

Michael A. Ferraro
Founder, Growums.com

Here are our Growums! We have 3 kits, Salad, Stir Fry and Taco Garden! We are only waiting for the Cilantro and Jalapeno’s to sprout but everything else is going strong! I can tell you, but I’d rather just show you!

They started so small…
Growums Stir fry Garden

We added some more!
Growums Stir fry, Salad, Taco Garden

And now they are going strong!
Growums Stir fry, Salad, Taco Garden

By the end of summer we should have a plethora of veggies to enjoy!

Now I know what you are saying… That’s all fine and good, but now I want some. Never fear! I Haz Giveawayz! 😉

TWO lucky winners will win TWO kits! 🙂 That’s 4 kits total for you math whizzes. How to enter? It’s easy! Go to the Growums Website and look around. Come back here telling me what your favorite garden kit would be and you are entered! Contest ends May 31, 2011 at 11:59pm MT

Extra entries for “liking” them on Facebook and “following” on twitter. Leave a separate comment for each. You can like and follow us too if you are in the clicking mood and want to stay up to date with our articles and giveaways!

Good luck and Happy Growing!!
disclosure: I was given three kits for my review. No monetary compensation was made and the thoughts and opinions are mine and honest. 😉



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