Let’s face it. These days the options our families have are:

  • Mom is happy, Kids get attention, Family is fed a healthy meal, House is a wreck.
  • Mom is happy, Kids get attention if they are on facebook chat, Family is fed any meal (don’t get picky y’all. Pizza is a food group!), House is less of a wreck.
  • Mom is happy, Kids get left to fend for themselves, Family is fed a semi-healthy meal, House is still sort of a wreck, but decent enough for a surprise visitor.
  • Mom is not happy, Kids get attention, Family is fed a healthy meal, House is so clean you could eat off the floor.

Okay, or maybe those are the options in MY house.

Now… Wouldn’t you love to have someone clean your house for you?! To give you 3 hours of cleaning to make your house so clean it will look like you have no children at all? (Or at least look like the kids actually help with chores?!)

Yeah, me too!

The folks here in Colorado with Merry Maids have the answer for you! A contest open to those of you who live in Boulder and Larimer County… A contest so nice, you’ll beg your annoying friends who actually have spotless houses, to enter and gift it to you!

Entering is simple… Head on over to the facebook pages for the 2 locations and “like” then enter! Super easy!  The prize? On May 31, one lucky fan will win a 3-hour cleaning from Merry Maids of Boulder County and one lucky fan from Larimer County will win as well! (These are 2 separate contests. Please make sure you are entering the correct one for your county!)

Merry Maids of Larimer County Facebook Contest

Merry Maid of Boulder County Facebook Contest

Don’t forget to “like” them on facebook as well! www.facebook.com/merrymaidsboulder and www.facebook.com/merrymaidslarimer.

For full rules and eligibility, please see the above links to the contests.


disclosure: this is not a sponsored post. I have received no monetary compensation for promoting these contests. I did, however, receive the ability to gift a cleaning to a friend who will declare me her “bestest friend in the whole wide world” (or something similar).





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