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Godzilla Movie Review and DIY Craft & Party Supplies

Godzilla DIY Craft & Party Supplies

A while back, my Godzilla obsessed middle boy (who is nearly 10 now) drew a picture of Godzilla v. Mothra and said simply, “Knit this for me.” After scoring various websites, I found suitable patterns to alter into these radioactive creatures. 

godzilla mothra 2010 carter pic

Carter’s pic of Godzilla and Mothra – 2010, Age 5


I found this pattern at Knitting at Knoon and modified the T-Rex to add spikes. Then this butterfly to change into Mothra (thanks to Kate at Skeindelish for the yarn!)

And… tadaaa! Godzilla v. Mothra

godzilla v mothra knit toys

Carter Godzilla Mothra


Now that the new Godzilla movie is out, of course he was begging to go opening day. Even though I’ve knit him countless toys and sat through the 2000 Mathew Broderick version of the movie, along with many, many, many poorly dubbed foreign versions, he chose Dad to take him. *sniff* So off they went. 

I can’t give a good review of the movie since I’m basing what I know off of a 9 year old’s recount, but you don’t see Godzilla until about an hour in and then it’s only about 30 min total that he’s there kicking some major bootay. Carter still LOVED the movie and my husband said there was little to no bad language in it. No kissy-type scenes or anything. He said the main issues are, obviously, the violence, but even then he said it’s comparable to Transformers and the like. 

If your kids like this movie, they would also love Pacific Rim. Another favorite in this house. 

Godzilla Crafts and DIY

Godzilla DIY Craft & Party Supplies

Now that the movie is out Carter wants a Godzilla themed birthday party, so off to pinterest I went! There isn’t a whole lot out there, but some etsy stores have a few things to buy or try to recreate on your own. 

Birthday Invites

godzilla invite



I found these great invites at an etsy shop called Stylish Shapes.

Party Supplies

godzilla party supplies


I love these printables from Bee and Daisy


Craft Ideas/Photo Props

godzilla photo prop

This photo prop takes the cake! Check out more pictures of their Godzilla birthday party and see how they created this over at SomethingWilde.

You can find tons more ideas on pinterest as well! 


Follow’s board Godzilla on Pinterest.



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