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Halloween Cake Pops!

I love me some Cake Pops! What’s a cake pop you say? Have you been living under a rock for the past 3-4 years? 😉 Cake pops are a national phenomenon and there are more blog posts, books, magazine articles, flickr photos and facebook posts on them each and every day. There is even now a cake pop baking mold!

Bakerella turned some ordinary cake into an internet sensation! Bakerella has an amazing book out about them. Her book is a huge hit! She turns cake into something magnificent!

For the past 3 Halloweens, we’ve been making spooky cake balls, and pops. The kids love them! They think it’s fun to decorate them and love seeing the faces of their friends and teachers when they pass them out. Here are some pics from our cake pop adventures! (Psssst, the receipe is here – Bakerella Cake Pops)



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