I have to confess. I did not get the Flu shot this year. It’s not because I’m anti-flu shots, or that I feel it doesn’t work, it’s simply because I forgot. D’oh! My Husband got his (he’s high risk working in the medical field) and the boys all got theirs. A few days ago I felt dizzy, not feeling 100% on my game. Yesterday I was knocked out, aches, fever, chills, the whole nine yards. Hubs asked “did you ever get your flu shot?” Oh Snap! Oops! I’m feeling a lot better today, so I doubt it was the full blown flu, but I’ll be going out to get a flu shot pronto!

The NFID’s (National Foundation for Infectious Diseases) national flu education campaign is focused on not only educating Americans about the flu, but also about encouraging serious action when protecting yourself and others from the flu.

Are you ready for a crazy stat? Believe it or not, a recent survey reveals that 66% of polled Americans disregard the sudden onset of flu symptoms – fever, aches, chills, and extreme tiredness – and still attend work, school, and social events, even though 75% of those same people are aware of the possibility of spreading the flu virus to others! (Btw, full survey results are available upon request).

With all this in mind, the NFID’s national flu education campaign is all about personal and social responsibility this flu season. The campaign titled “Are You That Guy?” focuses on “that guy” who is sneezing in the elevator, “that guy” looking pale and exhausted in the grocery store, “that guy” coughing on the train…basically “that guy” who clearly has the flu, but went about town anyway!

The campaign launched with this animated PSA video as well as some cool online tools at www.FluFacts.com that track flu outbreaks in your zip code.

Recently the NBC show Parks & Recreation had an episode about the flu. Amy Poehler (of Saturday Night Live fame) is essentially the perfect depiction “that guy” (or gal) that they are talking about in this campaign. She is in major denial that she has the flu (though the symptoms are more than obvious) and insists on staying at work despite her co-workers’ pleas to go home. She eventually sees a doctor and feels tons better…but not without a couple of crazy funny obstacles along the way! Take a look at the episode for yourself right here: http://bit.ly/hnqofq

So don’t be like me or “That Guy”. Get your flu shot and if you do end up with the flu, stay home! Get rest and if you get bored in bed, you can check out my blog to pass the time. 😉



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