Every mom wants their kid to be a SmartyPants (I know I have a couple Smart-allecks in my house as well). One thing I worry about is if my kids are getting enough nutrition. They eat plenty, I’m raising three boys after all, but are they getting what they need nutritionally? This is where SmartyPants comes in.

SmartyPants was started by parents and entrepreneurs who have the same dreams and aspirations for our children as you probably do for yours. The specifics are different, of course, but the underlying dream is the same: children who are healthy, thriving, and fulfilled… children who are ready for the world.

The adage “You are what you eat,” has expanded to “You are what you eat, see, feel and do”. We are the sum of what we take in: intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and nutritionally. The scientific link between healthy brains, healthy bodies, cognitive development, and emotional well-being is well-understood. That’s why SmartyPants is pleased to provide high quality children’s brain health content and tools for busy parents like yourselves. We want to empower parents to do what they do best: raise healthy children!

On the product front, we are pleased to offer SmartyPants Gummy Multi-Vitamins, our best-of-class gummy multi-vitamin that contains the most Omega 3 DHA & Vitamin D combined in a gummy multi-vitamin, plus 11 other nutrients. Where possible, we use eco-friendly materials and source our omega 3’s from sustainable small fish sources so we do not impact dwindling tuna stocks or expose children to potential heavy metals like mercury that may be found in high concentrations in salmon and tuna. We follow Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and use independent third-party labs to test our products to ensure the highest quality. Best of all, kids love the taste of our product (we bet you will too!).

Leslie Gail and SmartyPants are having a twitter party! Co-Sponsored by Think Fun (@thinkfun) and Today I ate a rainbow. (@eatingarainbow).

Who would like to chat with others from all over the country about ways to keep kids and families healthy and strong throughout the year? We will be chatting about Superfoods, being active, staying healthy, while incorporating great kids travel toy ideas and MORE!!

The party is Tuesday, February 22nd at 7pm MT (9pm ET). #SmartyPantsParty. Head on over to New Life Focus to find out all the details and how to RSVP for the party! I’ll see you there!

disclosure: I was asked to be on the panel for this twitter party and will receive free product in return for my participation. No monetary compensation was made.



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