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Helping Kids Cope with the Colorado Wildfires

With the wildfires burning across Colorado, we wanted to help provide some resources when talking to your kids about the fires and how to help with smoke inhalation. This information below has been provided by The Children’s Hospital of Colorado. 

BLACK FOREST FIRE UPDATE: 7,800-8,000 acres. At least 80 homes have been destroyed. Zero-percent containment:

ROYAL GORGE FIRE UPDATE: 3,800 acres. Zero-percent containment. Three structures destroyed. Firefighters are inspecting the bridge to make sure it’s not damaged:

OTHER FIRES in Colorado:

black forest fire colorado wildfires

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       10 Things to Remember When Talking to Your Kids About the Wildfires: A natural disaster has hit close to home for Colorado’s children and many of them may have anxiety, questions, or both about the wildfires near the Royal Gorge and Black Forest areas. Children’s Hospital Colorado’s senior psychologist Jeffrey I. Dolgan, P.h.D, provides 10 tips parents can keep in mind when talking to their children about the natural disaster.

       How to Deal with Wildfire Smoke Inhalation:  Multiple wildfires burning in Colorado — among them the Black Forest and Royal Gorge fires — have cast ash and other irritants into the air, which may cause breathing problems for children, especially those with underlying respiratory problems. Vivek Balasubramaniam, MD, pediatric pulmonologist at Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Breathing Institute and at the Pediatric Heart-Lung Center, provides insight and advice on wildfire smoke inhalation.