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How to Build a Raised Veggie Garden in a Weekend

raised vegetable garden bed

Those that know me know I’m a black thumb when it comes to plants, but ever since reviewing Growums, I’ve transformed into this magical Mother Earth warrior woman! I’m growing veggies! I’m not killing them (so far!), so now that they are too big to grow in a pie tin inside, I needed somewhere to put them. Our soil is clay and hardly anything will grow in it, so I was on the hunt for something above ground. I found a few containers but they were too small to hold our carrots and such. Next stop, raised beds.

I searched high and low to find a pre-made one with no luck. After awhile google laughed at me and said, “Dummy, you can make one yourself on the cheap.” Okay Sir Google. What do you got?! has an amazing tutorial, so I printed out my list of supplies and off to Lowe’s I went.

I wanted to do this all myself, but realizing I haven’t actually ever built anything that didn’t come in a box with cartoon characters printed on it, I thought I needed to enlist the help of the husband and my step-dad. They, not so willingly, agreed. I roped a couple of guys at Lowe’s to help go through my supply list and we loaded up the car and headed home.

The tutorial on Sunset walks you through the steps pretty well, so I won’t reinvent the wheel, but I will show you pictures from my venture.

ETA: I only spent $200 to build this. $75 for the wood/hardware, $75 for the soil and $50 for netting/mesh/plants, etc.

Here I am building!
raised garden bed veggie DIY

The bed is built!
raised vegetable garden bed

Now it’s in place and we put mesh on the bottom to keep out the varmits and rocks for drainage.
raised vegetable garden bed

All full! Doesn’t it look pretty?
raised vegetable garden bed

Close up of our veggies!
raised vegetable garden bed

The hubs even installed a drip line so I don’t kill the veggies when I forget to water them.
raised vegetable garden bed

Bird/Rabbit/Fox/Muskrat netting.
raised vegetable garden bed

In our garden we have:
Tomato Peppers
Bok Choy
Romaine Lettuce
Some other kind of Lettuce

Do you have a veggie garden growing? If so, what did you plant? I need ideas of what to add as we have room for a few more plants. 🙂



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