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How to Overcome Your Fear of Contouring with Mineral Fusion

When you think of contouring, what comes to mind? I instantly think of Kardashians and Drag Queens because Kim K and Ru Paul were the ones to introduce me to this wonderful world of fake cheek bones. After a fun event with Sprouts and Mineral Fusion cosmetics, I now can contour like a pro and it’s not the 12 step process like you see on various shows anymore.

Little did I realize I was already well aware of the makeup they were showcasing that night. I reached in my handbag and pulled out my lip tint and sure enough, it was Mineral Fusion’s Sheer Moisture Lip Tint (in Twinkle). When we left the event they gave us some amazing samples and I was over the moon that another lip tint was in there and has quickly become my new favorite shade, “Glisten.” 

Okay, back to contouring… Now, I don’t contour every day. In fact, most days I don’t even put on makeup, but if I’m leaving my house, I try to at least cover the endless bags under my eyes.  On a “quick makeup” day I use 3 products. Three. That’s it. Powder/foundation, mascara and a 3-in-1 eyes/lips/cheeks stick.  Mineral Fusion has an amazing 3-in-1 Color Stick in 4 neutral shades. My obsession is “Rosette” but “Magnetic” is my go-to for every day subtle wear. 

When I have a concert or event, or just want to glam up my look, I do what I call “quick contour” which takes literally just a few seconds. Taking a eyeshadow blending brush (I know, all the true makeup artists are cringing, but I have a million from various monthly subscription boxes, so… I use what I have on hand) and use my “luster” bronzer from Mineral Fusion. I sweep the darker bronzer along the edges of my face near the hair line, under my chin and along the sides of my nose. Then a quick line under my blush that goes from ears to near lips in a line. I’ll take a highlighting powder or a shade lighter than I use to set my foundation and sweep that down the middle of my nose and the tops of my cheeks and voila! Don’t forget to BLEND BLEND BLEND. 

Here is a great guide for oval shaped faces, such as my own, to show you the best place to put your contour/bronzer. A cheat sheet for makeup, if you will.

The more Mineral Fusion products I use, the more I love them. Not only are they hypo-allergenic, they are also animal cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, talc free, phthalate free and free from artificial colors. I’m not sure if it’s related to the makeup or not, but my monthly breakouts have calmed since switching to mostly mineral based makeups. 

The makeup artists at the event showed us ways to spice up our look with a few minor contours and even showed us how to use the “Blonzer” with their amazingly soft blush brush with one sweep. Game changer. I love it when products have multiple uses and/or combine to save time! 

You can check out the entire line of Mineral Fusion products at Sprouts or online. Follow Mineral Fusion on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

disclosure: Thank you to Sprouts for inviting us to this great event and to Mineral Fusion for the sample products.