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How to Survive Family Vacations

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This won’t be one of those lists that tell you what you already know. Bring something new and exciting for the kids on the plane! Doesn’t work with my kids. Now they expect a new toy every time we drive near the airport. Tell your kids they can visit the gift shop at the end of each day for a little trinket! Um, unless the whole park wanted to hear my 6 yr old throw a monster fit, watch the 12 yr old roll his eyes and sigh heavily and the baby, well, okay he doesn’t really care, but my point is, this isn’t reality for most kids on vacation.

So here is the secret on how to really survive the family vacation. Come in close now, gather ’round the screen… I’ll whisper it so the kids don’t hear… Booze and Benadryl Let them do what they want for a few days. Really. It’s okay, hey, you’re on vacation!

Disney Social Media Moms Conference Buzz and WoodyI used to be (and still can be) a drill sergeant on vacations. We have to do xyz activities to maximize fun! I would plan ahead for days on which rides to hit in what order to minimize giftshop trips. If people were tired, suck it up! Let’s all have fun dammit! Then we went to DisneyWorld. That trip blew all previous vacations out of the water and I learned that it’s okay to zigzag around a giant park. The more walking they do, the more tired they get! Genius! I also let them get something at more than one giftshop a day. I still tried my darndest to keep the total money spent the same as it would have been, so the trinkets were more, well, trinkety, but the kids had FUN and that’s the whole point of a family vacation right?!

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So there you go. A few small tips on how to survive your next family vacation. The key is to remember it’s supposed to be a vacation, not more work for you! Let help and remember the Booze and Benadryl to relax! 🙂

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