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Ice Cream Cupcakes and Cake Pops!

how to make ice cream cone cake pops

I’m throwing an ice cream party today for Nintendo. We are having some friends over and going to play the new Wii Motion game (complete with the new controllers!) and make some ice cream sundaes. I couldn’t leave well enough alone and thought we needed some treats to go with the treats.

Ice Cream Cupcakes

How to make ice cream cupcakes

So a smart person would google “How to make cupcakes that look like ice cream” or “cupcakes in ice cream cones” and follow the instructions once you found a site like Betty Crocker, right?! Well, at 9pm at night after we were at a birthday party and then running errands all evening, I decided I didn’t need no stinkin’ instructions. #fail. I made cupcakes the normal way, then unwrapped them and shoved them in a cone. 24 cupcakes, only 12 survived this mess.

I can advise you on how to decorate these bad boys though. That I’m good at. Somewhat. So after you’ve followed directions on the right way to make the cupcakes in ice cream cones, you take a tub of icing. I used Betty Crocker whipped butter cream (btw, no Betty ain’t paying me to mention her in this post, although if she wants to I can give her my paypal address. 😉 ). So icing, I took a large thin silicone spreader jobby {technical term} and lopped that icing all over until you couldn’t see the cupcake part. I went underneath and covered the parts where the cone meets cake as well. tried to make it look messy because, well, ice cream is messy.

Then I added some classic rainbow sprinkles and a red gumball on top for the “cherry”. Viola! Cupcakes disguised as ice cream cones.

how to make cupcakes in ice cream cones


Ice Cream Cake Pops!

So now the cake pops! I have Bakerella’s cake pop book (and LOVE it). I saw the ice cream cone cake pops and thought, “Those are easy peasy!” Um, yeah, for her or Martha Stewart maybe. But at now, 10pm I was tired, the kids were still up on a sugar high helping me “clean up” my disaster cupcakes from the project above. So, yeah, um, I was supposed to make 48. I got 12. My guests today are just going to have to share.

You could google “how to make cake pops” and all that jazz, but I highly recommend dropping the $12 on Amazon and buying the book. Or head on over to her site and check out her post “I scream, you scream”

Here is my sad attempt at the ice cream cake pops. I only took pictures of the good ones and left the 36 “mistakes” to be devoured by the children. No wonder they were up past midnight last night!

how to make ice cream cake popshow to make ice cream cone cake popshow to make ice cream cone cake pops

So there you have it. Cake to go with the ice cream, that looks like ice cream. The kids are surely going to be confused today. 😉 And tired from their sugar high yesterday.



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