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Ideas for Your Spring Break Staycation

I can’t believe it’s almost Spring Break already.

Our spring break is at the end of March, and my own unofficial study (meaning: I asked my family and friends around the country) shows that this is much earlier than most. Hopefully, for those of you traveling, this means fewer crowds and maybe even lower prices. But there’s plenty to do here in Colorado as well! Whether you’re looking to take the family on a local overnight trip, or just looking for things to do during the day, we’ve got you covered.

Overnight Local Trips:

1.) Skiing — Well, we do  live in Colorado. People from out of state assume this is what we do with our free time anyway. And although there are tons of places to choose from, Keystone Resort is a good place to start, with sleigh ride dinners, the Kidtopia area, and tubing, along with skiing and snowboarding.

Great Wolf Lodge

2.) Winter Water FunThe Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs opened a few months ago, and is the perfect place to go to feel on vacation without having to travel far. The Lodge has themed family suites, and plenty of entertainment from bowling to a ropes course to mining for gold. And, of course, there’s the water park — 50,000 square feet of waterslides and splash pads and pools, to be exact. You could spend your entire stay just in that area and be very happy (and bonus — they still have Grand Opening Specials going on so you can get a discount now!)

3.) An Overnight with an Airplane View — have you ever hung out at an airport when your not actually going somewhere? My kids are fascinated by watching the planes take off and land, and all the activity on the runways as airport employees prepare for each flight. Try an unusual overnight and stay at the Westin at DIA, even if you don’t have plans to travel in the morning. Use the pool. Book a room with a view of the runway. You can even go on an art walk at the airport, or download an app that identifies the planes flying overhead and tells you where they’re going.

Westin at Denver International Airport

4.) A Downtown Overnight  — spend a night at the Westin Denver Downtown and enjoy a beautiful view of the city. Check out local attractions like the History Colorado Museum (more on that in a minute), the Denver Public Library (worth a visit if you and the kids have never been), the zoo, and the Museum of Nature and Science. Or just spend a low-key afternoon trying out local restaurants, parks, and breweries.

5.) A Mountain Getaway— We visited the YMCA of the Rockies last June, but they have tons of winter activities as well. Go ice skating, try a craft in the Craft & Design Center, swim in the indoor pool, or go snowshoeing. The camp plans outings and events all year-round. Be sure to check out their website for more.

Craft & Design Center, YMCA

6.) A Golden Getaway — Golden works as either a day trip, or an overnight staycation! You won’t see many people kayaking on the water quite yet, but the creek path next to it is pretty year-round. Along with the suggestions in this post, also pop into Nature’s Gift Candleworks on Washington Ave. for handmade candles, and check out the American Mountaineering Museum.

Local Day Trips:

1.) History Colorado — If you haven’t been to the History Colorado Museum yet now’s the time! Spend a day learning more about the past and present of our great state. You could even pair it with a trip to the downtown Tattered Cover when you’re finished, and browse their “Colorado” section as well.


2.) Try a new storytime — Often, if I’m looking for something out of the ordinary to do with the kids, I’ll take an ordinary event like storytime and try it somewhere new. Pick a bookstore or library in a part of town you don’t usually visit and try storytime there for a change. You can explore the area around it afterward — maybe find a park nearby, or a coffee shop or place to get ice cream. It’s a great jumping-off point for exploring an unfamiliar area of the city.

3.) Try one of these indoor places — If spring break gets chilly (it always seems to…sigh), head indoors to one of these seven places. Actually, even if it’s not cold, they’re worth a visit. When we stay in town during spring break, I try to mix up our days — one day a paid activity like a visit to the museum or zoo, and one day a free activity like a bike ride or a trip to the park.

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