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Let’s Talk About Ta-Tas: You Deserve a Great Bra!


When was the last time you bought yourself a nice bra?

Not a Target clearance rack bra.

Not a “pretty to look at, but impractical to wear” bra.

A bra that loves your girls, lets you move and breathe while giving you the support you need.

More than a year ago? And when was the last time you were fitted for a bra…even longer than that, you say? 

Girlfriend, we need to talk. 

Experts recommend getting professionally fitted once a year–doing it on your birthday or your annual check-up is a good way to remember! Because as we age, gain/lose weight, have babies, experience changes in our cycles, start a new exercise program or sport…our needs change, and our bra should change with us. Your ta-tas deserve to be treated right! 

For my bra fitting this year, I went to FitFest at Title Nine, an activewear boutique just for women. They’re passionate about women and sports: the name comes from Title IX, a federal legislation that guarantees women full and equal access to education and school athletics. (Yay, feminism!) They understand women’s bodies, and our need for versatile, great-looking activewear. And their range of bras is no exception.

My favorite line is “Beautility” (Beauty + Utility) These are gorgeous bras that can literally go from the gym to the office to the bedroom! They’re perfect for low-impact sports like yoga or trail walking, they smooth and lift in all the right places to make your clothes fit and flatter fabulously, and they’re downright sexy. 

Title Nine makes it so easy to find the right bra for your body and activity level. Start with getting measured by the Bra-vangelist, and she will direct you to the best bras for your cup size. Nursing momma? Not a problem! Some of the bras are made with straps that adjust in the front, and are very easy to undo for feedings! The bras are then sorted by “dumbell” ranking: more dumbells = more support! Because I am fairly active–I do a few fitness classes during the week, plus the occasional hike or trail run in the summer, and I’m on my feet during the day a LOT–my Bra-vangelist recommended a bra in the three-dumbell range. And because I detest the look of “Uniboob”, separate cups were a MUST. For comparison’s sake I tried on a few bras in higher and lower support levels, and then I put each bra to the test at one of several “bounce stations”. Burpees, jump rope, and bouncing on a yoga ball gave me an idea of how each bra would hold up (pun intended) in my daily life. 

My choice was simple. As soon as I slipped on The Deuce bra by New Balance, I was in love. It’s so comfy, made of uber-stretchy yet supportive fabric with breathable mesh at the sides, and nice, natural shaping in each cup. And it comes in my fave color, turquoise!  

sports bra

I also love that it has a racerback–gives me some range of motion without worrying about straps slipping, and looks cute peeking out from a tank top: 

 bra back

 I am so in love with this bra–I already knew it was very comfy and supportive when I tried it on, but I had one more test to put it though. I work part-time as a middle school “lunch lady”, so I’m on my feet in a hot kitchen for four hours a day. This mesh sides really helped me keep cool rather than gross and sweaty, like with my usual everyday bras. I could definitely wear this to work, errands, and the gym with ease. 

So now that I’ve found a bra I love, I want you to do the same! Title Nine is hosting Fit Fest events at all three of their Colorado locations during the month of April, where you can get fitted, choose from an expanded assortment of bras, and test them out at the “bounce stations” just like I did! Visit our Events page to find the Fit Fest nearest you, and give them a call to reserve your personal fitting appointment.  

disclaimer: I was invited to a private FitFest event and gifted a bra of my choosing, in exchange for sharing information about the FitFest events. No other compensation was made, and all opinions, text, and photos are my own.