WOW! I never imagined it would be this hard to pick winners for a contest, or that so many of you have such amazing reasons to want to bond as a family and get outdoors!

It was a very tough decision to pick the winners. I did a mix of random winners mixed with ones whose stories touched my heart. I truly wish I could have picked all 75 entries!

So… Drumroll please…

Winner #1 is Rachelle L.!

Why would your family like to attend the Great American Campout?

I was born and raised in Colorado until I married my high school sweetheart 9 years ago and we left the state for him to travel with the United States Navy. He is still active duty and we are currently stationed in Jacksonville Florida but will be coming home to Colorado June 6- June 26th. This is our first time home in over 2 years. We are so excited to see family and friends whom we have missed dearly since we’ve been away. I grew up camping every summer with my family and have so many cherished memories from our trips together that I would LOVE to make and share with my 3 children. We would be honored if we were blessed with this amazing trip and thank you for your consideration.

Winner #2 is Brandi S.!

Why would your family like to attend the Great American Campout?

I would love to attend this event! I really want my kids to experience camping and love the great outdoors, but I’ve never been camping and don’t know where to start! The idea of going camping is a daunting one, not knowing what supplies we need, how to cook, etc…This event sounds like something that can help us figure out the basics and provide us with a good base to go camping in the future. Our family was affected (and nearly killed) by carbon monoxide a few years ago and this would be a great way to celebrate the second chance at life we were given.

Winner #3 is Laura S.!

Why would your family like to attend the Great American Campout?

Two years ago, my third son was born with a rare health condition that requires expensive medications he’ll take for the rest of his life. So much of our income is now used to pay for his medications, that we haven’t had any extra money to invest in the camping gear that would allow us to enjoy a big adventure. Winning this trip would be the perfect way to show my never-gone-camping-before-husband how much fun camping is and the gear would be the perfect gift that would allow us to vacation together as a family.


Congrats to all the winners and thank you so much for all who entered and promoted this contest.

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