Wild West Corn Maze in Hudson, Colorado


This weekend we gathered up the kids and headed up to the Wild West Corn Maze in Hudson. When we walked in there was a ton of stuff to do, just laid out in front of us, begging the kids to do it all! Instead of starting in the front we were able to talk them into going into the maze itself first, since I know that this one is pretty big and I wanted to have plenty of time to complete the whole thing.

They have 2 pieces of the maze that are especially fun for kids, so we started with those. They are both crime scene investigations of sorts; first we tried to figure out which animals were involved in the stealing of the farmer’s pie. You walk through this mini-maze and collect crayon rubbings of animal foot/hoof prints until you figure out who-dun-it. Once we had established who was involved in the stealing of the pie, it was time to move on and solve the next crime. This time we needed to figure out who kidnapped the farmer, with which weapon and in which location. My little detectives solved both of the crimes and then managed to walk through the entire maze, which is no small feat! I was so shocked that they made it, I rewarded them with a snack from the concession stand.

After all of the walking in the maze we spent some time doing the other activities that they have to offer at Wild West Maze; the petting zoo, hay bale maze, hay bale pyramid, corn box (think sand box, minus the sand and add corn), tractor ride, rabbit catch and the giant jumping pillow.

At the very end we spotted an obstacle maze and the kids’ wanted to go through it, I didn’t think they would have the energy but the found it somehow. I think this ended up being their very favorite part of the whole day actually! It is a short maze that you can just send your kids into and wait at the end. There is an observation area so that you can climb up and watch from above. The kids were climbing over things, crawling under things, there were tunnels and walls… it was intense! The kids did it 3 times in a row, and they would have done it more if we would have had time.

It was a great time and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun, relaxed outing for the family. We forgot to take water but they have bottles for only $1 each, thank goodness! You can do as little or as much as you’d like, so don’t worry that it will be too much walking, you can just do the mini-mazes if the big one is too hard core for you.

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