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Lowes & Habitat for Humanity – Giving Back in Denver

I had the unique opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver and Lowe’s Heroes employee volunteers  who worked together in September to revitalize a home in the Globeville neighborhood in Denver. Lowe’s awarded Habitat a $70,000 grant to help complete the project.

Volunteers from both organizations teamed up with community members to install new windows, roofing tiles, doors and other indoor and outdoor features on the Casillas home. The volunteers working on the Casillas home were so dedicated and even though the day started off a bit gloomy, by mid-morning the sun was out and everyone’s spirits were high! 

This home had the most gorgeous rose bushes I’ve seen. You could tell by the care that Rosa took with her garden that she was a very caring person in general and deserved the chance to have her home look as great as those flowers. Throughout the day members of Habitat for Humanity and volunteers from Lowes were fixing up her fences, building a shed and fixing the siding. They were all so proud of their work and very humble as people would thank them.

IMG_4266 IMG_4267


The entire experience really opened my eyes to make a more conscience effort to give back and help people in need. I was also thrilled that Lowes was the brand working with Habitat in Denver as my autistic son loves visiting Lowes and will spend hours in the ceiling fan aisle there. We often take him there for a treat after a therapy session or a great day at school. The fact that they want to give back and help the community makes me even prouder (and more likely) to shop there. 


A little more about the grant from Lowes Home Imporovement:

The $70,000 grant is part of nearly $1 million in funding Lowe’s awarded 11 Habitat affiliates for neighborhood revitalization projects. The nationwide grant program is one of the major initiatives supported through Lowe’s new five-year partnership with Habitat that will bring Lowe’s total contributions to the organization to more than $63 million since 2003. In celebration of the renewed partnership and to help Habitat reach its goal of serving one million people annually by 2018, Lowe’s and Habitat teamed up to launch “Hammers for Habitat,” a nationwide volunteer drive to get more hands on hammers to support Habitat’s work. Individuals interested in volunteering for future Habitat projects can sign up at the event or visit for more information.

Through Habitat’s Neighborhood Revitalization efforts, Habitat affiliates offer an expanded array of housing services and partner with local residents, housing leaders, community groups and businesses to transform neighborhoods and enhance the quality of life in communities.

disclosure: this was part of a sponsored campaign with Lowes Home Improvement. All opinions are mine and honest.