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Margarita Fruit Snacks

Margarita Fruit Snacks Gummies

Apparently I’ve been busy tonight. I made wine fruit snacks and then saw the blog that gave me the recipe for those recently published one for Margarita Fruit Snacks. I mean, how was I going to sit and wait for another day to make them? I didn’t. I cleaned up my mess from the wine gummies and dove right in. 

Margarita Fruit Snack Gummies

Get the Margarita Fruit Snack Recipe Here

These were a little more involved than the wine ones. I had to bust out a blender and a little more patience. It was well worth it in the end though as these gummy treats were even better than the wine gummies

Word to the wise… These are STRONG. And when I say strong, I mean, knock-your-socks-off strong. I ended up tweaking the recipe just a bit, taking a bit of the tequila out (I used 1/2 c) and adding 1/2 c water. I also added 2 Tbsp maple syrup and it they still packed quite the punch. 

For added fun, I found our skull ice cube tray and molded the margarita gummies in there. Perfect for Dia de Muertos! Or you can cut them into simple squares or mold them into another shape for parties, Cinco de Mayo and more! My favorite excuse to make and eat these? Tuesday. Yup, just a random day. 

Margarita Fruit Snacks Gummies


Go ahead! Make some. Let me know if you change up the recipe as I’d love to see how others are making these!



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