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Minecraft Easter Ideas

minecraft peeps diy

Minecraft. Oh how I love you. You entertain my children for hours. You teach them about coding, building, cause and effect and how to deal with their emotions when a creeper comes and destroys their sheep farm. My boys have been addicted for years. Pretty much since the game’s release in 2011. My teen was an early adopter and even was given the chance to teach the other kids in his class how to play during his tech class in Junior High. To say we are fans is an understatement. 

I’ve thrown a Minecraft Birthday Party, reviewed many Minecraft books and even have a super popular post on Minecraft Printables and then Even More Minecraft Printables. Well here is yet another Minecraft post for you. Easter ideas! These would work great for birthday parties, holidays, etc. as well. 

Minecraft Easter Ideas has the most amazing Minecraft Creeper Peeps recipe I’ve seen. I mean really, DIY marshmallow Creepers?! Shut the front door. I cannot WAIT to make these for my boys. 

minecraft peeps diy


Not into DIY? The makers of Peeps and ThinkGeek have you covered. Creeps! The perfect addition to any geeky Easter basket. 

creeps peeps



How about letting your kids make some Creeper Easter eggs? Seems simple enough. Dye the eggs green and use a sharpie to draw the creeper face. Presto! Creeper eggs. The girls in the youtube video teaching you how to make these are just too adorable! 

minecraft easter eggs



Allison at has a great free printable for making Minecraft Easter egg stands as well. My boys saw me pin this and we had to print them out instantly. 

free minecraft printable easter egg stand


And now for my favorite. I’m a new (but massive) fan of the site They have a great DIY Minecraft Plush tutorial. My middle boy wants to try his hand at making these himself! I can’t wait to see what blocks he comes up with. 

minecraft diy plush



Do you have a craft idea for Minecraft? Link to it below in the comments!