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Minecraft: How to Survive the Nether

Ghasts and Blazes and fire; oh my! The Nether Realm in Minecraft is a very hectic and hard to survive dimension, especially when the player has no idea what to do. Fear not! This article will provide 5 tips on how to prepare for the chaos of the Nether and survive while in it. Without further ado, here are some important items to help you come out of the Nether unscathed.

Get Plenty of Supplies

Before even making a portal for the Nether, you need an abundance of supplies. Make sure that whatever material you’re using for tools (ideally iron) is nearby and ready to be used for creating new tools when you die. Be sure to have many stacks of the blocks you wish to use to travel and also create extra flint and steels in case your portal gets taken out. Stocking up on items like food, tools, armor, iron, cobblestone, and dirt will help you stay productive when going into the Nether.

Use Non-flammables

When in the Nether, Ghast Fireballs cause explosion and fire. There is also a lot of pre-existing fire or lava across the map. This means it is necessary to use building blocks that aren’t flammable, like cobblestone or dirt. The best idea is to use cobblestone because it is slightly more resistant to ghast fireballs. Although seemingly insignificant, your choice in blocks to use for travel will greatly alter your experience in the Nether.

Stay Near a Portal

Most of the map of the Nether is very similar, which can cause a lot of confusion. Be sure to always stay near your portal or leave behind an easily recognizable trail. Things like creating plenty of torches and leaving one every few blocks can help you to find your way back to your portal when it’s time to go home. Keeping track of your portal helps to make it easier to get home alive and restock, rather than die and lose everything you’ve collected.

How to Fight Mobs

There are really only four to five main mobs in the Nether, but they all have their quirks. Zombie Pigmen are best avoided in general, as these mobs run fast and hit hard. Be sure to take caution of the Black Wither Skeletons, for these can be fast and cause blindness in your character. Blazes and Ghasts throw fireballs and can fly, but Ghast Fireballs can be hit away from you if you’re paying enough attention. The least dangerous are Magma Cubes. They are pretty easy to beat, however they split down into more pieces like slimes do. The simplest tip on mobs in the Nether is to be fast and ready to attack or run.

Re-Prep Before Going Back

In the Nether, dying is inevitable. You’re going to die and it will happen a lot. The best thing to do is to either get back home while you’re alive or die and get home to restock. You will go through armor quickly in this realm, as well as tools and weapons. Keep a close eye on your food and health and get back home to restock as soon as possible. Overall, just make sure to be thoroughly prepared whenever you re-enter the portal.

Although going into this realm of Minecraft may seem overwhelming, it is possible and beneficial. To make the most of it, a player just needs to know the precautions and be prepared. By staying near your portal and keeping your supplies together, you can be prepared for anything you face there. If the proper measures are taken for survival, the Nether can be a really fun experience and place to explore.